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Mustang GT Deluxe 5 Speed
White and Red
Shelby Red Stripes, 3.55 Gears, Heated Seats, Aluminum Panel, Shaker 500
The Honeymoon Disaster
So I bought this car shortly after I got engaged to replace my aging 96 GT, and we went all over in this car, Multiple Cali trips, etc. We get married, and decide to cruise up to Vegas from Maricopa, Az, by way of Flagstaff and I-40 so we can take pictures at Sunset Point. So I ditch the Bama Street tune and we roll out on my 91 Tune with like 7 hours of dyno time under its belt and roar through the uphill passing everyone and having a blast because she likes that rush just like I do, and it was on a weekend with no traffic. We probably bumped off of 105 on a number of the uphills while i was dicking with a few other cars showing off in 4th gear at high RPM. We got to Sunset Point in no time, parked and took our photos, got drinks and used the RRs. Car sat for maybe 30 mins, We hop in and roar out and onto the on-ramp and punch it, and as im crossing 60 all hell breaks loose, Dash lights go kaleidoscope, Throttle Pedal goes dead, car rolls down to idle and I go off the shoulder on a 20% uphill grade and hit the E-Brake so prevent us rolling back down the on-ramp backwards. Engine is running super rough, car is shaking like it thrown a rod or lost a piston. Shut it down and check under the car, no trails, puddles, no visible damage under the hood either and all looks fine. Fire it back up, runs smooth for 3 seconds, then shakes like crazy again and i shut it down baffled because rotating assembly failures are not normally transient. Several more starts and listens and shutdowns and suddenly on the 10th start its smooth as silk again, and i believe i actually called out WTF. Half way up the hill, babying it, it happens again. But smart me, does a rolling restart quick enough I just clutch out and continue up the hill. I end up doing this for the next hour, rolling restarts to get it out of Failsafe mode and we make it to prescott. Dealer looks at it for 2 hours, and tells us it will be like 3000 to fix it, But when i ask whats wrong he goes quiet so i take the clipboard and read it myself, the tech is clueless, and has ordered the replacement of the MAF, Cam Sensors, Throttle Body, ECM, Harness, Throttle Pedal, Crank Sensor, and some other odds and ends. Dealer tells me to get a room at the hotel next door and that it wont be fixed untill tuesday because they have none of the parts. I told the dealer to shove his tech up his ass and we got back in the car and i used my handheld to crack the Idle to 1500 RPM so failsafe mode couldnt go any lower than that and i could maintain some speed. We drove to vegas doing rolling restarts every 5-15 minutes. We get to the hotel and roll to the roof of the garage idea being i can poke around after the sun goes down, and set off car alarms all the way up the garage thanks to the 1500 RPM idle and my clutching on the speed bumps. For the next 3 days we use Lyft to actually enjoy some of our honeymoon and i called the Ford dealership 8-10 times a day trying to get an appt. On our last day I got a Throttle Body from AutoZone and installed it and noticed, the original is Jammed with the blades backwards, how i do not know. Replacing the TB helps the problem occur a bit less, but problem remains. We drove all the way home from Vegas to Phoenix doing rolling restarts.... Chandler's Earnhardt Ford spends a week with the car, completely baffled, untill one of their smarter monkeys starts tracing the harness and finds a segment of it self welded to the edge of an exhaust manifold, They replace that section of harness but problems remain, then the same brilliant monkey pulls the ECM and runs a test and finds that its half cooked from being short circuited by the harness welding itself to the exhaust header. The replaced the ECM, and the problem was gone. Someone at some point had removed the plastic retainers for a section of the harness, the tech suspected possibly during a clutch replacement, and never put them back because an entire line of them were just gone. The repairs also cost me 1/3 of what the morons in Prescott wanted to replace everything since they had no clue. I do not blame the car, or ford for this mishap, I would like to find who ripped out all the retainers however, probably previous owner, and smack the skittles out of them.
2007 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe 5 Speed (White and Red)


Manual Transmission
Roush Intake without insert(tuned accordingly)
322 LPH Fuel Pump
91 Oct. Dyno Tuning
3.55 Ford Racing Gears
Dana Spicer Aluminum Driveshaft
Magnaflow Race Series Axle-Backs
324 RWHP, 301 RWTQ - 9-1-2018
Red Shelby Stripes
Red Rocker Stripes
Roush Hood Scoop
STARK 8000K LED Headlights and Foglights
LED Conversion Clear Tail Lights with Black Interiors
Shaker 500
Slotted Rotors
Wheel and Tire
American Muscle 17' Bullet Rims
255/50/R17 NITTO 555 Tires



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