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  1. First car 1965 mustang need advice

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    My parents recently gave me my first car, a 1964 1/2 mustang! It is everything I wanted (I am interseted in fixing up cars) and I have already had many people too and talk to me about it. Obviously there are some problems with it and me benign a DIY person, I'm sure there is tons of improvements...
  2. 65' Mustang carb problems?

    Classic Tech
    I was driving home from school in my 65' Mustang, she has a rebuilt 200ci inline 6 with only 79k original miles on the speedometer, an aftermarket Magnaflow dual exhaust, and an aftermarket 2bbl Weber. Anyway, so I usually only drive this car casually but the road was empty and I wanted to see...
  3. Front Suspension 65 mustang

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone I am going to be re-doing my front suspension and was wondering if late model parts would work on my 1965. And ones that are more of a bolt on i don't want to have to do a lot of fabrications. I'm tight for money right now and was looking at switching to coilovers instead of stock...
  4. Long tube headers on gt40 & gt40p heads.

    Mustang Tech
    I'm building a 302 to go in my 1965 mustang and I want to put a set of gt40 heads on it. I read that the gt40s have some issues with long tubes which is something else I'd like to have. I also read that the gt40ps work better with long tubes vs shorty headers. Can any one clear this up for me...
  5. 1965 mustang engine swap. Inline 6 to 4.0 v8

    Mustang Tech
    I'm wanting to do an engine swap on my 1965 coupe. Right now I have a 200ci inline 6 and I'm not satisfied. My mechanic told me that instead of putting a 5.0 in it I should pull a 4.0 302 out of a 90's ford expedition. (If I do so ill be changing it from fuel injected to carbureted.) I know this...
  6. Squeak from drivers side rear

    Classic Talk
    any ideas of what it could be? its pretty loud and annoying. just started the other day. Im thinking the axle bearing? Not sure tho, not any idea of what it could be. 1965 coupe.
  7. 1965 Mustang squeal when clutch pedal is pressed

    Classic Tech
    I have a 65 mustang with a 331 stroker and a 4 speed toploader transmission. I just put in a new centerforce clutch kit with pressure plate and self aligning throwout bearing. I also put in a muscle z bar kit from Barillaro Speed Emporium. When I press the clutch pedal in a hear a squealing...
  8. 1965 Mustang Hood Safety Latch Adjustment

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    The first time my hood blew open I wrote it off to maybe not shutting it all the way. The second time it blew open it curled the hood. Hood replacement led to discovering that two of the hood hinge bolt holes were torn out. Found a great welder that welded in bungs on both sides. Great...
  9. Unused Spring Near steering column 1965 coupe

    Classic Tech
    Today i noticed something rattling in my car as i drove coming from the area near my steering column. I looked to find that it was a hooked spring that was not connected to anything at one end. From what i can see it looks similar to a clutch pedal spring something like this...
  10. 205/ 65 /15 tires on 1965 mustang

    Classic Tech
    My plan for new wheels are to run 15-6 TTD's with 4mm offset and 3.58" backspacing. My plan for tires are 205 65 15 goodyear eagle gt's all the way around. I want to fill up the wheel wells with out having rubbing issues. Any thoughts on the tires and/or tire size? If anyone has this tires...
  11. 1965 Mustang GT Convertible with color code T Candy Apple Red

    Classic Talk
    I recently bought a 1965 GT convertible that appears to be all original and genuine. It all checks out with a date of May 17, 1965, bought has a color code of "T" which doesn't appear until 1966 as Candy Apple Red. I'm an engineer and don't like inconsistencies. Wondering if mid-May was late...
  12. 1965 Mustang Safety

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    Been reading some threads on this but let me describe situation. We gave our babysitter (have 2 kids) to buy a car (she used to have an old BMW and was borrowing a car forever). Our intent is so that, as needed, she can help take our kids to school etc. Sort of last minute, she decided to buy...
  13. What are the pro's and con's of buying my 16-year-old son a 1965 Mustang Convertible?

    Classic Talk
    I'm buying my 16-year-old son his first car and he wants a 1965 Mustang Convertible. He is very responsible and maintains a 4.00 GPA. How much should I expect to pay to buy him a nice looking and nice running (well maintained) 1965 mustang? Any idea how much it will cost a year to insure and...
  14. 1965 Mustang 200 CID 3 speed - need advice in pricing

    West Coast
    I need some help pricing my 1965 Coupe, 200 CID 3 speed. My dad was the original owner, and I have a copy of the original title, the original bill of sale and several of the old license receipts. It had about $7,000 in engine work done about 4 years ago and was running great, but the...
  15. 1965 mustang coupe brakes

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    Well im new to this forum for starters. Last week i just bought a 1965 coupe with a 302 engine quite cheap. Runs good and everything... well to get to the point. It has stock drum breaks and i dont like them because stopping isnt that great. Any opinions or advice on what i should do. Upgrades???
  16. 1965 Mustang Coupe v8 with no tail lights?

    Classic Tech
    My taillights stopped working. Any suggestions what to do? It's not a blown fuse. Checked both bulbs their good. Signals work and brake lights work, just no taillights? Anyone know what color wire is for the taillight portion running back?
  17. What kind of wheels are on this car?

    Classic Talk
    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can tell me what kind of wheels are on the car in the picture below. I know they are some kind of American Racing Torque Thrust wheel but I can't tell what series of wheel they are. I'm thinking of putting these on my '65 fastback which is why I'm asking. Could...
  18. 1965 Mustang Motor Information.

    Classic Tech
    Ok Guys, My block casting number is c5de-6015-H I have 5 freeze plugs (three along the center and one on each end that sit top of cent on the passanger side of the block.) The engine has not emission control period. Valve cover is orange red and there is not a place for a PCV valve. It has...
  19. My 1965 Mustang Coupe by CJ

    Hey Mustang Friends, I am just a begginer at this car restoring hobby. I had a friend give me a 1965 Mustang Coupe with the 170 ci straight 6 motor. It is in need of some work and has not been started in several years but the motor does turn over. That is a big plus. Feel free to give...
  20. 1965 Mustang MSD Ignition w/ Rally Pak

    Classic Tech
    I am in the process of installing a Rally Pak on a '65 GT clone. The engine ignition system has been completely updated with an MSD Series-5 ignition (box, coil, distributer). MSD told me I needed a "trigger" to make the tach in the Rally Pak work, so I got one of those too. So now I have...