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  1. 1965 Dash - How should I clean/Restore

    Classic Tech
    HI, I am currently restoring a 1965 Mustang, I have had it replayed in Gun metal grey metallic and now looking a the interior. Can anyone recommend how I restore my dash? I have tried t-cut but it has made no difference. Any other techniques to clean it up or does it need respraying? If it...
  2. Tire Fitment Question

    Classic Tech
    Hi all, I know this topic has been discussed to many ends, however I can't seem to find good answers based on experience. I have a 65 coupe, pretty much stock front suspension, the car is lowered 1 inch all around and a few other things. I want to fit US Mags' Standard Wheel. 17x7 all around...
  3. This Mustang Has a Serious Case of Split Personality Disorder...

    In partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum, Ford will debut a surreal display that fuses 50 years of Mustang history--literally.  The Mustang was chosen as the ultimate symbol of automotive innovation, and to illustrate the point they combine a 1965 and a 2015 Mustang, split...
  4. 1965 Fastback Purchase

    Classic Talk
    I bought a 1965 fastback GT clone with a 289 HiPo 4/M for $24,000. plus $500 for delivery... I just put another $4000 to redo the head gaskets, carb gaskets, replace clutch, rear trans seal, diff seal, coolant hose kit, steering bushing kit. and change all fluids. so my out the door cost...
  5. Vacuum Line problems?

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone, My 1965 mustang 200 6 cyl has a vacuum leak somewhere. The vacuum lines are all hard lines and there aren't any extra ports to hook up a vacuum gauge. What is the best wait to hook up a vacuum gauge? Also, would anyone suggest converting the hard lines into hoses for easy...
  6. 65 Coupe Roof Rail Sash Channel

    Classic Tech
    Hello -- has anyone been able to find this for their restoration? I'm wondering if Ford elected not to use it, or if it's called something else. This is the part named by my mechanic, who is used to classic Camaros and not Mustangs. It's apparently a metal/aluminum moulding that hooks to the...
  7. Will the disc brakes off a 90 GT fit on my 65?

    Classic Tech
    I'm looking to do a disc brake conversion on my 65, and I really don't have the cash to drop on a new disc brake kit. I found a 90 Mustang GT for a really good price and I was wondering if the disc brakes off of it would fit on my 65. I've heard of people using crown vic's, but I really don't...
  8. Granada front disc brake swap?

    Classic Tech
    I have a '65 I6. I'm going to be doing a V8 swap down the road, so I'm planning ahead. On Craigslist, I've found a disc brake setup from a late-model Granada. The setup includes rotors, calipers, and spindles. He's asking $250. Does this sound like a fair price? I just bought my first project...
  9. What price should I ask for my straight 6 coupe?

    Classic Talk
    I don't know what price to let the car go for. This is my only car, and I've put a long years worth of work into it. I'm realizing that as much as I love the car, I'm going to need something a little safer and better for long distance driving, as I will be going away to college and sometimes...
  10. New, from Chicago

    Hey all, Im new and just saying hey! Ive got a 1965 coupe in the garage I've been working on. Its been in the family for its whole life but has been sitting for a really long time as well.
  11. 3/4" Rear Sway Bar Opinions

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I am contemplating a 3/4" rear sway bar. I have on the '65 subframe connectors, a 1 inch front sway bar, gas a just shocks all around, 1 inch 620# lowering springs up front and 1 inch lowering leafs in the back, etc. I am hoping for your opinions on running a rear sway bar on a car...
  12. 1965 Mustang Rear Sway Bar Opinions

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I want a rear sway bar, I've got a 1 inch sway bar up front, subframe connectors, KYB Gas-A-Just shocks, 1 inch lowering springs (620# up front and lowering leaf springs in the back), poly bushings, etc, but I am unsure about a few things: stiffness, are they worth it, benefits...
  13. 1 inch Lowering Blocks 65 Mustang

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I am interested in getting a set of 1 inch lowering blocks from CJ Pony Parts. I have been reading several threads about lowering blocks cracking. My car does have good power but I dont drive it particularly hard, its more of just a cruiser. Will I run into cracking issues with just a...
  14. Putting a digital speedometer on a 1965 automatic Mustang?

    Classic Tech
    I'm thinking about getting a Dakota Digital gauge cluster for my 1965 coupe with a c4 transmission. It has a speedometer cable right now, but the digital gauges requires installation of a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) in place of the speedo cable. Is this a relatively easy thing to do, or does it...
  15. 1965 6 cylinder - can anyone identify this carburetor?

    Classic Tech
    Having a hard time finding answers to this online.. This carburetor was in my 1965 6 cylinder mustang coupe project car when I bought it. Anyone know what it is? And should I replace / rebuild / leave it?
  16. 1965 oil pressure and water temp sending unit locations?

    Classic Tech
    I'm rewiring my 1965 Mustang six cylinder coupe with the american autowire kit and need to connect wires to the oil pressure sender, and water temperature sender. I found the oil pressure sending unit, but can't for the life of me figure out how a wire is supposed to connect to it. I attached...
  17. Lowering Blocks for 1965 Mustang

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I was looking for what your guys' opinion was on 1 inch lowering blocks for my 65 mustang. I want to do it because I think the car could use about an inch or so out of the rear end stance, what do you guys think? Thanks.
  18. Pertronix Ignitor in my 1965 6 cylinder?

    Classic Tech
    I'm in the process of completely replacing the electrical wiring in my 1965 6 cylinder Mustang coupe using the American Autowire harness, and a lot of people have mentioned Pertronix Ignitor to me, is this something I should get and install in my car? How do I know which one to get? There are...
  19. Rocker Panel Trim - Keep or Throw?

    Classic Tech
    Hello. I am doing body work on my 65 Fastback. It came with chrome rocker panel trim and I am contemplating removing it and going with the smooth look. Any opinions?
  20. Where to begin with 1965 Mustang electrical restoration?

    Classic Tech
    I'm restoring a 1965 Mustang coupe. I just finished putting some disc brakes on it, so next up is the transmission and electrical. Does it matter which one I start first? I would guess it doesn't matter, but if I'm missing anything please let me know. On to the point, I believe I need to...