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  1. 1966 Ford Mustang Air Intake Grille Leak

    Classic Tech
    Hi Guys, Like most old mustangs, my 1966 Ford has a leak on the air intake grille between the windshield and the hood. I need to get this fixed, and I have heard many peoples ideas but I wanted to hear from the experts. I have heard about caps that you can insert onto the pipe that has rusted...
  2. 1966 Four Lug Problem. Wheel spacers or Full Axle Swap?

    Classic Tech
    Just purchased my first 1966 Mustang. It's a six cylinder I6 and as I've come to find out, all I6 models from that year are 4lug. I'm trying to figure out if its safe to go with wheel spacers on this model so I can fit five lug Torque D Thrust wheels. Current rims on the car are 14x6 rims. I've...
  3. 1966 I-6 Post-Carb installation issues

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys I just recently installed a rebuilt autolite 1100 carb. on my 1966 I-6 Mustang, with C-4 Trans. It is running much smoother. But today whenever shifting from "PARK" to "REVERSE" the car itself shifts and you are able to hear/feel the shift then it starts to putter out and then dies...
  4. New to AFM ,1966 Mustang

    Hello, I'm new to AFM, just bought a '66 mustang coupe in decent condition, straight 6 manual, 160,000 miles on it, body has almost no rust minus a few spots and the trunk, new(ish) interior, still runs great, clutch u have to let it out pretty far before it'll shift but other than that no...
  5. 1966 Mustang Lock/Ignition Swap

    Classic Tech
    Hello mustang enthusiasts! So I recently purchased at new set of locks and ignition for my 1966 mustang coupe. Can anyone provide a small 'how-to' when it comes to taking the door panel off and also an 'easy' way to change the ignition. Thanks for the help ya'll! -Puma
  6. 1966 Mustang Security/Killswitch Help please

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone, I'm trying to make my car alot more secure because its my daily driver to school and work and I leave it outside at work for 5 hours at a time. (with a wheel lock and a cover... of course) BUT I cannot always have one eye on the car so I was reading that a kill switch would be the...
  7. 1966 Mustang, Starts and turns over then sputters out and dies.

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone, So this has been happening alot lately. and I'm pretty sure that this is carb related.. but a little more specifics would rock. I went out to the car today. Pumped the accelerator 3 times, and then started the engine. It turned over for about 2 seconds. the sputters out and dies...
  8. Shut off movement and noise? Im very confused.

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys this has never happened before and I'm very confused as to what it is... I just shut off the engine of my 1966 I-6. and the car shook alot more than it has before and then finally **** off. Maybe I'm just being paranoid or something but I just dont want my car to be starting to mess...
  9. What is needed to turn a 1966 I-6 a reliable daily driver?

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, well my primary vehicle is a 66 I-6, I really need to turn this car into a reliable daily driver that will start up and cruise around with no problem. Engine runs strong, and trans shifts nicely. There really is not any problems with it other than a rot hole under the battery and...
  10. 1966 Mustang 200ci vacuum advance replacement

    Classic Tech
    Hi guys, I have a 200ci that had the thermactor emissions. So to make it short and sweet. Where can i find a replacement vacuum advance for a thermactor distributior? Here is a thermactor distributior from MustangsUnlimited. Mustangs Unlimited - The Premier Source for Mustang, Shelby and...
  11. 1966 Instrument Wiring issue help me please!

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys today i turned on my mustang everything started great and as i began to drive down the road i noticed that my radio was off.. I thought at first it was no big deal because the wiring is already very sketchy. BUT then as i turned on my turn signal that didnt work either... then I...
  12. Carburetor Issue, 1966 I-6 1bbl Site Problem and Bug Reports
    Hey guys I had a few questions to ask regarding a carburetor issue that I have that started yesterday. so here's the story I had an autolite 1100 carburetor on there yesterday. gas was pouring out all of the wrong places. So I took it off and installed a different one. I'm not quite sure what...
  13. 1966 Mustang 200ci Cuts out randomly

    Classic Tech
    While driving my mustang it will be running at 100%, no hiccups at all, then all of a sudden it will start to "cough" and lunge and start to die. I cant throttle it up. Almost as if the spark is missing or is just not there and hits when it lunges. Sometimes it kills. Sometimes i can get it to a...
  14. 1966 Mustang 5.0 Efi swap help

    Classic Tech
    I know the are a few posts on this site but i didn't see any that were putting a 94 5.0 with efi in a 66 that had a inline 6 in it. If anyone could help me wit a list of steps and parts needed it would really help me out, also I want to use my c4 trans. thanks
  15. Sudden drop in Voltage to the coil?

    Classic Tech
    Ive been having a issue with my car, you can read about it if you click "pertronix ignitor II freak problem", it shouldnt be too far down in the tech section. I have been under the hood all morning, ive been thinking about it all morning. and here is what have come up with. When the...
  16. 1966 Mustang Won't Idle

    Classic Tech
    We have a 1966 Mustang Coupe (straight 6) and my dad and I are working on restoring it. For some reason it won't start without us spraying starting fluid into the carburetor and once it starts, we have to keep a foot on the gas for it to continue running. It runs perfectly while a foot is on the...