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1967 coupe

  1. Installing a 302

    Classic Tech
    I have a question for you all. I am wanting to put a 302 into my '67 but I'm not quite sure if everything will line up. I need to know if a c4 tranny will bolt right up to it with no problem and if the old motor mounts will work. It has a 200 inline 6 right now. Any insight/advice would be much...
  2. Hello everyone. New guy here.

    Hello everyone. I'm excited to join your forum. I'm a longtime Mustang owner. My first car in high school was a 1968 coupe.(I wish I still had it.) Ive been hooked on Mustangs ever since. My family currently owns five Mustangs. We have two 1967 coupes, 1967 convertible, 2001 GT, and a 2005 4.0...
  3. 1967 Mustang Hood Repair. Worth it?

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    I have a 1967 coupe with a turn signal hood that I assume is factory but cannot verify. The top of the hood is in decent shape with some surface rust but the underside on the lip is rusted through. Hood is still structural and latches just fine though. I'm wondering if anyone bothers to repair...
  4. 1967 5.0 T4 tranny clutch linkage problem

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, So I dropped a 5.0 HO into my 1967 that originally had a 289. I'm getting to the point where it's actually almost ready to start up. I'm running a bit behind because I am replacing the electrical at the same time, and that's about all I have left. My problem though that I just...
  5. GT40 Cobra heads on 1986 5.0 block for 1967 Coupe

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I'm having a 5.0 HO built to replace my 289 in my 1967 Coupe and I'm in the market for some heads. I came across these heads on ebay: Remanufactured Ford 302 5.0 Cobra GT40 Cylinder Heads | eBay My question is: Will these bolt right on to my build? I'm going with the roller cam...
  6. T4 versus T5 in 1967 289 Coupe

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    Ok guys, so let's hear the opinions roll in. Option 1: Rebuild my T4 and mount it to my rebuilt 289 Option 2: For $500 more I can get a brand new T5 from and mount that to my 289. I will be keeping my old style clutch linkage because I just can't afford the upgrade right...
  7. 1967 manual t-4 to t-5 conversion

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    You guys are all awesome and I have greatly appreciated your help during this project. I've had another thread going trying to identify the t-4 tranny that I just pulled from my car. While I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to do a $1400 rebuild on that tranny I want to explore my options...
  8. toploader tranny rebuild

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    Hey guys, I've got my tranny that I pulled from a 1967 coupe (289) in the shop and they just tore it open. The casing number he gave me was C4AR-7006-A and the make is RUG. It has a 10 bolt pattern with a cast iron case. From what I can gather it's a Ford 4 speed top loader made in 1964. Anyone...
  9. 289 rebuild REMAN heads?

    Classic Tech
    Needs some advice folks. I've got my engine in the machine shop right now and just got off the phone with them. They tore into my 289 and in the words of the machinist, "The heads are mush." So I'm going to need to replace the heads and all associated parts. He can get me a set of remans for...
  10. strange port on exhaust manifold? What is it?

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I'm in the process of a rebuild and I've always noticed this strange port on my exhaust manifold, but never known what it is. It has always leaked a little bit of exhaust. Is it just a manifold temperature sensor that someone once had installed or does it have some other purpose? I'm...
  11. Engine bay project

    Classic Tech
    Hey folks. So I just pulled the engine and tranny from my '67 Coupe and I'm working on stripping the engine compartment. Before I get going on the project I thought I'd run my plan by some folks who have some experience and see if I have any flaws in the plan. I have two plans, so I'm curious...
  12. Clutch removal on engine rebuild

    Classic Tech
    Ok guys, I'm stumped. I'm a newbie and I'm learning as I go. I'm one of those "read it in a book and do it" kind of learners. So I've been working really hard and tonight I pulled the 289 and 4 speed toploader out of my 1967 Coupe. I'm quite proud of myself. However, after separating the tranny...
  13. Motor mounts with rebuild

    Classic Tech
    Ok so there are a couple threads out there about motor mounts, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, so I'm asking. Total newbie here. I'm doing a rebuild on my 1967 Coupe 289 and my motor mounts don't appear to be cracked at all. What is the criteria for when you should replace your...
  14. 200 Straight six dual exhaust upgrade

    Classic Tech
    My muffler has something stuck inside of it which is making a terrible noise while I drive down the road. I figured this would make it a great time to put a new exhaust system on it. It doesn't sound very good in its current form so I was thinking about putting a glass pack on it or making it a...
  15. 1967 Mustand 289 Bored During Rebuild

    Classic Tech
    I have a 289 that the previous owner said was original to the 67 coupe. He said it had been rebuilt by yet another previous owner. How do I tell if it was bored out during the rebuild?
  16. 1967 Mustang Loose Pitman Arm

    Classic Tech
    I looked under my 67 coupe at the steering linkages to see what was causing the play in the steering wheel. I noticed the pitman arm seemed to move in its socket before turning the wheel which caused the loose feel. The fit is loose on the skinny end of the pitman arm which connects into the...
  17. Vintage Mustang Shopping Advice

    Classic Talk
    Hi, I just joined this forum...I'm not yet an owner, but I've been a mustang enthusiast for as longs as I can remember... I now am in the market to buy...My dream mustang is and will always be the 1970 Boss 302. However reality is that I will not likely ever be able to afford that so, I have...
  18. Go back to original or play around with my 1967 Coupe?

    Classic Talk
    Hi! How is everyone this Friday? I have a quick question for all the enthusiasts here. I have inherited my Dad's 1967 Coupe Sprint (sorry if I word that wrong, I'm new). The Shady Lady needs alot of work, will probably have to be completely stripped apart and rebuilt. She was wrecked once, and...
  19. my '67 coupe

    my '67 coupe

    My new project car, '67 coupe. Wife bought it for me for X-Mas. Needs a lot of work to get it on the road but its pretty solid yet