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  1. Classic Tech
    We have had the engine recently 1 year rebuilt ( and then redone again-6 months ago, warranty), the first time there was a head gasket leak, and an exhaust manifold leak due to port divider weld issue. Now, a similar problem: If the engine runs on highway for 20-30 minutes of sustained 70 miles...
  2. Classic Tech
    Hey, I'm really new to having a carb on a car and need some help adjusting it. I have 1967 automatic mustang coupe with a 200 straight 6 engine with an autolite 1100 1 bbl carb that has a anti stall dashpot on it. I know how to adjust it, I just don't know how to get the car running at max...
  3. Classic Tech
    Hey, I've had my '67 for a few months now and the motor in it is giving me nothing but problems. Right now it has a 200 inline 6 engine with a one barrel carb. I want to replace this engine with a V8 engine so it has a little more power. I have heard that a good one to put in is a Ford 302 but I...
  4. Classic Tech
    Hey guys I read your forums every now and then and they are pretty helpful to my restoration on a 1967 mustang although i could use some replies to what i am looking for exactly. I'm Josh.
  5. Classic Tech
    i have just bought a new 1967 mustang i might i have paid to much i am worried about that can some one tell me some of the things i need to do rite at the moment it does not run but i was told that the engine was rebuilt and so was the transmission about 6 years ago but was never hooked up i do...
  6. Classic Tech
    hey i just got a 1967 mustang and i am not sure what kind of brakes to put on there and right at the moment i dont think that there is brakes on their either but i am not sure i am trying to firgure out what i should do with it please help me
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello folks, I am looking to start a 1967 Mustang project for the sole purpose of giving it to my father once I am done. He had one back in college that he had to sell when us kids came along. I thought it would make a great/thoughtful gift some fathers day. (and every fathers day after that...
  8. Classic Talk
    Please forgive me if this a ignorant question, but why is it impossible to find Wide White Wall tires on a Mustang? I seen the thin white walls, but im curious to see what a Mustang with Wide white walls, red wheels/Rims with a Flat/matte/satin black paintj ob would look like. Please give some...
1-8 of 9 Results