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  1. Classic Tech
    this mourning on my way to school my 1968 mustang had an electrical fire. the heater fuse blew and now the devices that are on the p-r-n-d-2-1 fuse don't work either including the turn signals
  2. Classic Talk
    I am looking at a 1968 Mustang coup that needs some brake work and has rust damage throughout. It has a rebuilt 302 and a new C4 transmission put in. The speedometer, fuel gauge, etc. are all broken and the tires show signs of rot. It runs great and the steering (if a little loose) is...
  3. Classic Tech
    Hi everybody! I'm new to this forum and forums in general. As well as fairly new to the world of classic cars. I bought a 200 straight six, 1968 mustang coupe last year with hope of restoring it. Aesthetically its in good condition, performance wise, not so much. Needless to say I've learned A...
  4. Classic Tech
    Hi, I am looking for the measurements of the front strut mounts for the 1968 coupe mustang. Any help is greatly appreciated I have looked everywhere and I am unable to locate them. Thank you.
  5. Classic Tech
    Hello, I have a 1968 mustang coupe 302 with manual steering. I have a new power steering pump on the motor. I know I need a new steering box. My question is what do I need to do with the linkage? Do I need the hydraulic ram with the valve on it like the ones that came stock or does the new...
  6. New Member Introductions
    I have a 1968 mustang that I restored once when I was younger and in high school but then I parked it for 13 years and I am currently working on restoring it again. I am interested in knowing what parts are interchangable from other vehicles. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Classic Talk
    Bought a 68 Coupe a few months back. My decision at the time was to buy the Mustang with the least amount of work involved. However I now realize that I will never be satisfied with the power of a I6. My dilemma...sell or do a V8 swap. I know changing it to a 289/302 or bigger will involve a...
  8. Classic Tech
    Hello. Late bloomer when it comes to fixing up classics so tons of questions but one at a time I guess. Got a 1968 Mustang straight 6. Wheels are 4 bolt. There doesnt seem to be many 4 bolt types of mags out there. Am I limited to era type mag wheels? If not, will any era 4 bolt wheel fit? Thanx
  9. Classic Tech
    I recently purchased a 1968 Mustang Coupe with a 289 4 speed Manual transmission. When I bought it it would start up fine and ran great until I let it run out of oil. This being my first classic car I did not watch the oil levels close enough until I happened to blow my oil pump. Luckily I...
  10. Classic Tech
    I just purchased a 1968 mustang 289 coupe project. as to be expected it had rust in some of the usual places including a rust hole on the front bottom corner of the the passenger door skin. I'm not experienced in welding, and don't want to risk a patch where the result is highly visible. so i...
  11. Classic Tech
    Hi Everyone, I have a 1968 coupe, and my power steering pressure hose keeps breaking on the metal part, at least twice a year. I have lifetime waranty on the part, but it takes a couple hours to fix every time it breaks, plus the oil gets everywhere. Does anyone knows if there is a replacement...
  12. Classic Tech
    I'm working on my '68 coupe that has been garaged for 15 years. When I first started messing around with the car one of the front brakes (drums) was frozen, and the master cylinder was empty. I assume the brake fluid must have evaporated, as there was no stain on the garage floor from leaking...
  13. Classic Talk
    i was offered a 1968 coupe for free if i can pick it up by this sunday. the car is in rough condition but fixable. the only problem is i need 4 sets of 4 lug wheels. i cannot find them anywhere. im pretty sure there 4x4.5. does anybody know of any other cars that share that same pattern? i just...
1-13 of 14 Results