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  1. Hood Alignment on 1968 Coupe

    Classic Tech
    Hello Everyone, I have become so frustrated with trying to align my hood properly.. I recently just finished painting the engine bay and re-installed the engine (with a lot of new/upgraded parts) and the last thing I need to do is reinstall this damn hood. This is the same hood/hinges I had on...
  2. Need: Step-by-Step for Engine Install after Painting Engine Bay

    Classic Tech
    Hello Everyone, I’ve been a longtime lurker and now first time poster. I am nearing the end of a restoration of my 1968 Mustang Coupe. Last spring, a friend and pulled my 289 engine out so I could clean and paint the engine bay. With a lot of help from this forum, I tackled a lot of the...
  3. 1968 Mustang - 6 Cylinder - Sluggish Performance

    Classic Tech
    Hi All, I have a 1968 Mustang Convertible, 6 cylinder 200ci with automatic transmission. I did the 5 lug conversion with front disc brakes and the rear-end is from a 1967 mustang with 9" drum brakes. When I drive the car it's sluggish and the gas mileage is bad, maybe 10mpg. When I hit on...
  4. A '68 Mustang Fastback LEGO Kit Goes On Sale Soon -- And It's Green!

    This whole 50th anniversary of Bullitt thing is producing all sorts of great surprises. Now, that includes LEGO. (Not that the connection is explicit, but let's be serious.) We're talking about the brand new LEGO Speed Champions kit for the 1968 Mustang Fastback, which just happens to be green...
  5. Help me find these wheels!

    Classic Talk
    Hey guys I'm doing a 68 Mustang coyote swap with rod and customs suspension and feel like these wheels on this car will compliment it nicely. Could anyone point me in the right direction about what brand of wheels these are?
  6. Hi all from East Tennessee

    Hi all Iam from the valley of East Tennessee I own 2 mustangs. 1968 mustang i got for graduating high school restored it my self her name is red. 1996 mustang Gt i got in 08 with 17000 miles on it. When my lil brother got driving age he got a 2002 mustang. At work iam known as the mustang guy...
  7. Idler arm issue. Wrong bushing or what?!?! Won't go past the linkage sleeve.

    Classic Tech
    Alright so I have a '68 Mustang. I replaced everything suspension wise after I did my v8 swap. I took it to get aligned and that's when they told me (I'm an idiot and forgot) that I didn't change the idler arm and it needed to be before they could align it. So I ordered 2 new bushings, and got...
  8. 1968 ford mustang

    im from kansas my mom has a 1968 ford mustang and she gave it to me becuse it need lots of work but i love the car i thought i would shere my love of my car with others
  9. Feedback on headers and stock exhaust please!!!!

    Classic Tech
    Hey fellas. Just have a real quick question. I have a '68 Mustang with a 302 out of a '72. I bought the motor off of a guy who had done some inside work to the motor. Bigger pistons, cam etc. But when he sold it to me, he wanted the headers for his other project car. The only thing I had were...
  10. Mucho gusto de conocerlos! Dirección trabada Mustang 1968

    Clasicos 1964-1973
    Hola a todos! Me da gusto encontrar una pagina en la que pueda pedir apoyo para seguir mi proyecto, me llamo Oscar Santoyo y cuento con un Mustang 1968 con dirección hidráulica, yo me encuentro en Cuernavaca Morelos, pero para refacciones podría ir al D.F. los fines de semana. Les platico que...
  11. 1968 Mustang Power Steering

    Classic Talk
    I am planning on adding power steering to my 68 Fastback. I am looking at CJ Pony Parts right now but the kits are really expensive. Does anyone know any cheaper alternatives for power steering?
  12. Will newer 2000s seats swap into a '68 coupe easily?

    Classic Tech
    I picking these seats up for 30 bucks and was wondering how easily they'll swap into the car. The ones it has now are complete garbage.
  13. Need Help: Is this 1968 a good deal?

    Classic Talk
    Hi There, I am a first time poster and am looking at getting a classic mustang as a primary driver. I came across this 1968 Mustang and needed some help as to if this a good deal, as well as some questions to ask the owner to verify its merit. 1968 Mustang Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. 1968 200 cid L6 fan shroud? will 1966 fit

    Classic Tech
    Does anyone know if the fan shroud from the 1966 200cid engine will fit on the 1968 200 cid engine? The only shroud I can find for the 68 is $300 NOS, and I am not paying that. Can't find any repros for the 68.
  15. need help with 1968 boss exhaust

    Classic Talk
    I am restoring my 1968 ford mustang boss 302 bored out to a 305. It will not be drove on the street. I want to make the exhaust as loud as possible
  16. 1968 ford mustang boss exhaust?

    Classic Tech
    I am rebuilding my 1968 ford mustang boss. I need help designing side port exhaust pipes. i want to make it as loud as possible. muffers are optional
  17. 1968 mustang boss exhaust?

    Classic Talk
    i am in need of a design to make my 1968 mustang boss as loud as possible and with side port exhaust, any ideas?
  18. 68 Rear End Swap

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, doing a i6 to 302 swap in my 68 coupe. Im shopping for a rear end because I know the tiny little 7 and 1/4 inches would break, so I'm just looking for a list of bolt in or easily modified rear ends to use, preferably with disc breaks set up. I know the 95-98 explorer 8.8's are...
  19. 1968 GT Fog lights - Need Help. Point up at hood.

    Classic Tech
    Hello, In a nutshell, the fog lights in my 68 GT point are for some reason aimed up at the hood. They've been this way since I bought the car over a decade ago, and I have yet to figure out why. I did my research, and it looks like everything is mounted properly, and nothing looks bent. In...
  20. 1968 mustang 289

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys i currently have a pretty much stock 289 68 mustang coupe. it has an edelbrock performer intake, 1" spacer, edelbrock 650cfm 4 barrel carb, tri-y long tube heads and 2.5" dual exhaust with an h pipe. Im looking for that lumpy idle those thumpr cams give. Although I dont know of a good...