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  1. 1971 mustang Mach 1 questions

    Classic Talk
    Hey guys, First off I am new to the group and just joined. I am going to look at a 1971 mustang mach 1 this weekend and want to know what I should look out for. It belongs to a coworker who is the second owner. It has the factory 302 Windsor motor with factory transmission both of which were...
  2. 1990 302 in a 1971 Mustang Installation. Any Advice?

    Hello. I just bought a used 302 that came out of a wrecked 1990 Econoline van. I am about to pull the 302 out of my 1971 Mustang and replace it with the van engine. Of course I still have to swap out the intake and stuff, but I am really concerned about the things that aren't so obvious. And...
  3. 1971 "Spring Special" Mustang info?

    Classic Talk
    So my dad just bought a project car, a 1971 Spring Special Mustang. But I can literally find NO information on the "Spring Special" Mustang online. The only thing I can find is a old magazine add, Can anyone tell me any info you...
  4. 1971 Mustang with new rear drums that wont budge!

    Classic Tech
    Currently working on a 1971 Mustang Coupe and I put new drums and new springs back in the begining of the year and the drums are locked up it seems. It was like that right after i replaced them I know i put the shoes in right but it wont budge unless you push real hard. (the car has no engine...
  5. 1971 Mustang 351 Cleveland and C6 Transmission Rebuild Help

    Classic Tech
    Hey, new to the forums, trying to find out what I should use in my new cleveland 4v setup. I have a rebuilt longblock, I need the following: Cam Lifters Rocker Arms Pushrods Timing Set (gears and chain) Intake (I have a stock 4v and a Edelbrock Torker, however I've heard that the torker does...
  6. Longtime fan, first time owner

    I am currently rebuilding a 71 convertible that has been in my family since it left the showroom floor. I have come across an issue while trying to re-install the engine and tranny. The stock tranny cooler lines wont fit with the headers I installed. It's a 302 with the C4 tranny. Any idea...
  7. Brakes....i need them to work again

    Classic Tech
    got me a problem. just outta random my brakes stopped working well after i got off work the other night. came in and it was fine and when i went to leave in the morning the peddle went right to the floor. i managed to get pressure up but it wont hold. i thought it might be the master cylinder...