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  1. Water/Coolant in #8 Cylinder

    Classic Tech
    9 months ago I had attempted to drive my 1971 Mustang with it's 351C from Oregon to California, I had rebuilt the engine over that winter and had broken it in around town. I got about 4 Hours into the 13 HR journey when my oil pressure went form 50 to 70 PSI IIRC, then the engine started to...
  2. Header help for stock 1971 351C

    Classic Tech
    Hello. I would like to put headers on my Boss 351. I have always run stock exhaust manifolds on all the '71s I have had, so my experience is limited on headers. Which ones are best, shorty or long tube? Ceramics? Brand? Are there serious engine compartment heat issues with headers? Just...
  3. Need Help Buying a Classic Mustang: getting the title

    Classic Talk
    I am going to be buying a 1971 mach 1 this weekend the only thing is the title and it's not even that big of an issue. I dont think. She has the title but never got it transfered to her name from the previous owner. It is all signed and notarized to go to her. How can I get it to go directly to...
  4. 1971 mustang Mach 1 302 rebuild questions

    5.0L Tech
    I just bought a 71 mustang with a 302 that I plan to rebuild I have been reading into stroking and boreing the engine and to get the most power out of the engine that I can with out making it weak, I plan to maybe eventually supercharge and a blower. Any comments or ideas to make this car scream...
  5. 1971 mustang startup help

    Classic Tech
    So I havent posted here in a while mainly because i just remembered my password... anyway my stang has been running good for the past months but 2 days ago i couldnt get it to start up after i ran out of gas recently. I filled up the gas tank and when i start the car i give it throttle and have...
  6. 71 Automatic Mustang stalling out

    Classic Tech
    I recently bought a 1971 mustang automatic. Shes got a 302 V8 engine that was rebuilt about 3000 miles ago. Driving her home on the highway I noticed no problems, but now driving her in town she seems to stall out at stop signs, lights, and even hills. Any ideas what the reason for this could...
  7. 1971 mustang value?

    Classic Talk
    I have a 1971 mustang that i rebuilt as my highschool project. It was ment to be my dailydriver/race car. Ran a 13.42 last time i raced it. its has a rebuilt 429 bored 20 over. the motor its self is basicly stock. stock pistons, stock lifters, aftermarket cam for mostly the lope but it also adds...
  8. 1971-1973 Mustanf Hood Question

    Classic Tech
    I need some help from an expert , I have seen hoods for 71-73 mustangs that only have 1 cowl on the hood not the typical 2 cowl hood that most people have. I have tried to search for one myself with no luck anyone know if they are takeoffs from another car that fits the 71-73 mustang or what...
  9. C4 wont shift from drive to neutral/rev/park

    Classic Tech
    as i was getting home from work this weekend i went to put my 71mach 1 in park in the driveway and it wouldnt go out of drive. it shifts between 1st and D fine, but refuses to go to park. i have checked the linkage and fluid in the time i've had to work on it, but thats all good. Need some help...
  10. '71 spongy brakes leaking master cylinder

    Classic Talk
    I have a 1971 mustang coupe with front disc/rear drum brakes. The master cylinder was recently replaced to hopefully remedy a small leak in the old one. Now, the brakes are worse than ever. The pedal is very spongy, and even when pushed to the floor the car only coasts to a stop (if i'm lucky)...
  11. 1971 Mustang Grande worth?

    someone is is offering me a 1971 mustang grande for 800 dollars should i buy it. It has a 351 Cleveland engine and it turns on but havent seen it go yet thats basically all i know at this moment. here some pictures of it.
  12. 1971 "Spring Special" Mustang info?

    Classic Talk
    So my dad just bought a project car, a 1971 Spring Special Mustang. But I can literally find NO information on the "Spring Special" Mustang online. The only thing I can find is a old magazine add, Can anyone tell me any info you...
  13. 1971 Mustang Fast Back w/h 2011 engine

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I was wondering is it posible to put a 2011 5.0 liter engine on a 1971 Mustang Fast Back?
  14. where could find a good priced reman. 302???

    Classic Talk
    Hey everyone i am currently on deployment and have been searching for a remanufactured 302 long block for my 71 stang that i can drop in when i get home. does anyone have any suggestions on a good site to find a quality one at a decent price?? Thanks!
  15. 1971 Mustang possible carburetor problem?

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, I recently bought a '71 mustang hardtop and the guy I bought it from said that it had some problems starting on those cold Ohio mornings (glad those are almost over), and he was right, it did, so I just played with the choke to get it up and running. This morning, however, I...
  16. 72 Mach I grille light bulbs and circuit diagram available?

    Classic Tech
    Hi all, I am desperately looking for the yellow 12V bulbs which will fit into my 72 Mach I (European model with kilometer tachometer) grille light socket. The socket has two contacts (photo by Email if necessary :) ), so the bulb will need two pins at the bottom. The light is not used as...
  17. 1971 Ford Mustang Grande - Introduction

    :waveyHello all. I am the current owner of a 1971 Ford Mustang Grande Coupe with a small block 302. I am the 3rd or 4th owner. I have had her for a little over 2 years. What I have learned so far: I know the Block is from a 1984 Ford Mustang GT, but it seems that all the accessories are from...