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  1. Mustang II Tech
    I have a 1977 Mustang II with the original 2.3L I4 w/ a 4 speed manual and I'm trying to determine the worth of swapping in a newer 2.3L I4 Ecoboost and a T5. I know its not usual to want to keep a I4, but I'm aiming for fuel economy as a more or less daily driver and also enough power to keep...
  2. Mustang II Tech
    Hey! I'm new to the community just recently bought a 1977 Ghia ii V8. I wanted to swap the engine with something that has a bit more power but im not exactly sure wha size. I'd prefer to do it with the least amount of modifications possible. Is it worth swapping the engine or can I swap some...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I am converting a 1977 Mustang fastback form 4 cyl to V8 and am looking for the right motor mounts??
  4. Mustang II Tech
    Hi. Although I am a '92Camaro, I like ALL American horsepower. I have a family friend whose son is in the Navy, and wants his engine overhauled. Can I drop in a V-6, or can I build a mean 2.3 block? A friend of mine says it is a great block, just need to know what is best for the car. How are...
1-4 of 4 Results