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  1. 302 HO Power question...

    So i have a 1983 with a 302 HO. This car is far from stock that i can tell but the guy i bought it from couldnt tell me what exactly was done to it. From what i can tell, it has a 650 cfm edelbrock 4 barrel carb, edelbrock high rise dual plan intake (which is a f4b i believe), headers with 3"...
  2. 1983 mustang speaker replacement questions

    5.0L Tech
    I want to upgrade my speakers. How would I buy speakers. ie..what dimensions would they have to be..what type?..would I need to replace my amp? Btw I love that base :). I'm also kind-of on a budget of like $100-$150 Thanks in advance for any replies
  3. Questions about 1983 mustang convertable glx.

    I've just gotten my first classic ford and i have a couple questions. first off it's got v6 3.8L engine and the car itself is in perfect condition. btw its automatic transmission and a convertable here is a link to a picture of the same model-...
  4. 1983 mustang hood.

    5.0L Talk
    I have a 1983 mustang GLX convertible, I've already done a 5.0 swap and 3.73s with a traction lok, and now I'm looking to buy a hood for my car that has the factory rear facing scoop that was offered in 1983. Does anyone know of, or have a hood, for a 1983 mustang, that has the rear facing...
  5. 1983 mustang v6 good buy

    V6 Talk
    Hey theres friends dad who asked me if i was interested in buying his 1983 mustang v6 I beleive it has just over 100k miles its yellow Has current registration and smog they want $1000 the only issue is it needs a transmission seals replaced its a hatchback model
  6. 1983 Mustang driver side brake light issue

    5.0L Tech
    Mother of God, this is hands down the most annoying problem this car has. Ever since I got it, I've had to deal with it. I thought I had it taken care of which gave me peace of mind for a couple of months until I looked at the big chrome bumper of the truck behind me today at a red light and...
  7. I just got a 1983 Mustang for my first car

    i just recently bought a 1983 convertible. I did alot of research and this car is quite rare. The VIN says its a GT but it has an automatic v6 instead of the 5.0 v8 and it has white leather pony interior which i read is also rare.
  8. 1983 mustang lx v6 convertible,1989 super coupe swap project.

    V6 Tech
    any help on this super coupe swap would be great unsure about wiring harness, fitment of ic tubes to master cylinder location? any tips or tricks love to mod.thanks
  9. 351 heads on a 302 block

    5.0L Tech
    I have an 83 302 block and I can get a set of heads off an 84 351 4 BBL HO at a local junk yard. Any know if this will fit? Looks like it should fit, but I don't want to pull them, get them home, and find out it won't work. thanks!
  10. Car wont start- 1983 mustang turbo gt 2.3l 5 speed

    2.3L Tech
    I'm not familiar with fords and I recently was given a 1983 mustang turbo gt with the 2.3 and 5 speed transmission and it wont turn over. It will turn over if I jump the starter relay(which I know isnt good) but It wont turn over if I use the key in the ignition.I think it's the neutral safety...
  11. 1983 Mustang GLX 5.0 Notch. Daily driver or should I add some HP?

    I was lucky to find a 1983 Mustang GLX Notchback with a 5.0 motor with just under 100K miles. It was in great condition and everything was original except for the normal things that get replaced. I bought it to use as a daily driver so I had the engine pulled, painted, valves adjusted, and all...
  12. Parts help!

    5.0L Talk
    I have a 83 mustang convertible. will aftermarket taillights for a 87-93 mustang fit my stang? will bodykits for 87-93 fit it also?