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  1. 1984 Mustang 3.8 V6 swap engines - need help

    V6 Tech
    I'm having problems with my 1984 3.8 V6; I'm thinking of swapping out the engine. I can't find a good used 84 Mustang engine. What Ford engines are identical to minimize problems? How can I find out? I'm told the 1984 Cougar is identical. But, I'm not sure. Is this a good idea, will it...
  2. 1984 mustang Tranny

    V6 Tech
    I own a 1984 mustang convertible. it has problems with the transmission almost positive its the torque converter anyway does any1 know what transmission is in the mustang just in case i have to swap trannys and are there any other year mustang trannys that would work for it? Thanks
  3. 1984 Mustang V6 Negative Battery Cable problem

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys, I'm a newbie ... first post here .. I've got a 1984 V6 Mustang Convertible, Bright Canyon Red (in and out) with a White top. I just picked it up about 10 days ago. The negative battery terminal was bad, so I went to replace it. There's a smaller wire that leads from the negative...