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  1. V6 Tech
    I'm having problems with my 1984 3.8 V6; I'm thinking of swapping out the engine. I can't find a good used 84 Mustang engine. What Ford engines are identical to minimize problems? How can I find out? I'm told the 1984 Cougar is identical. But, I'm not sure. Is this a good idea, will it...
  2. V6 Tech
    I own a 1984 mustang convertible. it has problems with the transmission almost positive its the torque converter anyway does any1 know what transmission is in the mustang just in case i have to swap trannys and are there any other year mustang trannys that would work for it? Thanks
  3. V6 Tech
    Hey guys, I'm a newbie ... first post here .. I've got a 1984 V6 Mustang Convertible, Bright Canyon Red (in and out) with a White top. I just picked it up about 10 days ago. The negative battery terminal was bad, so I went to replace it. There's a smaller wire that leads from the negative...
1-3 of 3 Results