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  1. 84 mustang 351, auto to maunal help please

    5.0L Tech
    So i've been looking for a while now and can't really seem to find the answer im looking for. I've got a 1984 mustang with a 73' 351c connected to a c6 3 speed tranny. (hate it) I've been wanting to swap the auto for a manual, i was just thinking a t5 or something to replace it with. But my...
  2. 1984 hatchback engine wiring harnesses shot. Please help.

    Hi everyone, I have a 1984 mustang gt. recently I was driving and my car just shut down on me. Come to find out, all of the wiring harnesses in the engine compartment are dry rotted / brittle and broken. I cannot find replacements in any better condition anywhere. Anyone have...
  3. 1984 head gasket help

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys, my 84 has blown its head its gasket. Now the plan is to do it in January or February when it slows down at the shop. I just started working in the shop 9 months ago right out of high school, and I am currently on the alignment rack, so I have not started my apprenticeship yet. I have...
  4. 1984 Mustang GT owner needs advice on repair costs.

    5.0L Tech
    First off, thanks for allowing me to post in your forum. I just picked up a 1984 Mustang LX GT 5.0 convertible. It looks great and runs ok. However, it didn't pass smog and has a few leaks. I got it cheap and was curious if repairs on this car can get costly or are they average?
  5. 1984 rim question

    Wheels and Tires
    1982-1993 Mustang GT Registry Photo Gallery - 1984 GT's Can someone tell me what kind of rims these are, and where to find a set?:?:
  6. 1984 Mustang GT Convertible Fuel Injected Turbo VALUE

    2.3L Talk
    Hey all, I would really appreciate any information someone can give me on this car. My grandparents own it and are considering selling it. They seem to think it's worth quite a bit of money, and I'm doing my best to help research for them. I know very little about cars, but here is what I've...
  7. 1984 mustang gt?? good buy?

    5.0L Talk
    Seen a 1984 mustang gt for sale, now i know these have a different 5.0 motor that thr newer foxbodies,, they want like 1300 for it salvage title dont care about salvage plan om keeping the car, i will take a mechanic with me, they will smog before i buy, Now are these stangs good as far as...
  8. 1984 Mustang Restoration Project

    Hello Mustang owners and fans. I'm going to be completely honest, I am new to mustangs and fords all together. This is my first restore on my own. I'm 22 years young and felt that it was time to do something worth doing. I am going either this Thursday or Sunday and buying my first Ford... its...
  9. 1984 Mustang GT throttle body issue

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1984 Mustang GT, automatic, fuel injected. The problem is when I go to change the air filter the filter strongly smells of gas. Any suggestions or insight will help. Thanks.:winks
  10. 351 heads on a 302 block

    5.0L Tech
    I have an 83 302 block and I can get a set of heads off an 84 351 4 BBL HO at a local junk yard. Any know if this will fit? Looks like it should fit, but I don't want to pull them, get them home, and find out it won't work. thanks!
  11. T-top Weatherstrip technical issue

    5.0L Tech
    Today I prepped my 1984 t-top mustang for paint. I wanted to order new weatherstripping for my car to give it a really clean look. I am looking at at t-top Weatherstrip kits and there are two options. One says before 10/83 and another says after 10/83. Since my car was first sold in...
  12. Loud Ticking Noise at idle..

    5.0L Talk
    I recently completely rebuilt my 302 H.O. motor and spent about $3,500 doing so. I put in a mild cam, forged internals, upgraded almost everything, but nothing extremely radical, just something that would work for a daily driver with a little more horse power. Any way, I broke in my engine...
  13. 1984 Mustang Gt Hatchback, good buy?

    5.0L Talk
    I'm looking to buy a 5.0. I was looking at the 87 and up range but i came across this 84 that looks nice. But as you probably know its carburated and not fuel injected. Does anyone have any advice as far as buying an 84 goes? 1984 Mustang GT
  14. 1984 carbureted 5.0 mustang stalls while driving

    5.0L Tech
    My 1984 mustang will stall while I'm driving down the road. It does not matter if it is hot or cold out. Usually after I drive over 15-20 miles. Does not always happen. Used to do it mostly when I was driving uphill, but now it does it just any time. I let it sit on the side of the road a few...
  15. 1984 Mustang GT Cooling Problems?

    5.0L Tech
    Ok so here is the problem, sometimes my Mustang will run hot (about 3/4 up on the Temperature Gauge) and sometimes it will run normal (about 1/4 up on the Temperature Gauge) but it seems to be completely random as to when it occurs. I've already replaced all the coolant hoses, fluids...
  16. 1984 Mustang Convertible LX, looking to buy, what should I look out for?

    5.0L Talk
    Hello! :wavey I'm looking at buying a 1984 Mustang, and am wondering... what issues should I be looking for? I already know about the 3 recalls, and the recall on the aftermarket fuel pump... so I'm looking for those. Obvious things like rust, old/asphalt cutter tires, crappy dew wipes, dings...
  17. Warner-ISHI in an 84 SVO

    2.3L Tech
    I was having problems with the T3 in my SVO and wanted to get a new one. I found a turbo on craigslist for 50$ that the guy claimed was for an SVO. I drove an hour to his place and it was this ISHI turbo. I figured it wouldn't be too bad to swap in so I took it. I want to plumb my system to take...
  18. Engine swap info needed

    5.0L Tech
    I have an 84 mustang gt350, Ive built it up a little bit, then I spun a rod bearing, i want to know if there are any carburated sbf motors that will bolt right up and fit right in with my 5-speed, without much modifactions. What year of motor, what cubic inch of motor, type of car or motor am i...
  19. Any suggestions for more power out of a 1984 mustang?

    5.0L Talk
    Does have any suggestions on achieving 250 Hp out of my stock 302? Preferably cheap modifications? Thanks all
  20. 1984 Mustang Small block is it HO or Standard?

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1984 small block from a Mustang installed in my 1971 Mustang Grande. I have installed an Edelbrock performer intake and carburetor. I know that the distributor and waterpump are form the orginal 1971 block. I would like to replace the harmonic balancer that is currently installed...