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  1. 1986 2.3L Mustang tranny

    2.3L Talk
    I need an AOD transmission that would fit a 2.3L 1986 mustang. I have one that fits a 5.0 but it is not the same bell housing. If anybody knows a list of AOD transmissions that would fit it please post. Thank you.
  2. 1986 mustang gt 5.0 convertible fuel pump wont stop priming and wont start

    5.0L Tech
    need help my mustang fuel pump will not stop priming when the key is on and it will not start.. i cleaned the ground on the ecu, changed fuel pump relay and i getting great fuel pressure at the shredder valve. sometimes when you play with it and keep trying to start it the fuel pump will act...
  3. 1986 fox Mustang double hump trans crossmember

    5.0L Talk
    doing trans work on my 86 stang and cant remember if the humps go up or down on the trans crossmember??? getting ready to go get exhaust put on and i want to make sure i have it in right
  4. White Tonneau for 1986 Mustang

    I am happy to say that I owned a 1986 Mustang for the last five years - and I loved it!! Sporty, dependable, good looking. I bought it from the wife of the original owner who chose to sell it rather than have her children fight over it when her husband passed away. Unfortunately, after five...
  5. My First Car 1986 Mustang T-Top V6 Advice For Repairs Please

    Hello, I just bought a 1986 Mustang V6 with a t-top. It's a hatch back and it's in great condition for being 24 years old. It has surface rust of course, but not much rust-through. I'm 15 and I got this car for $500 and I got more than what I payed for. It needs a little body work and evetually...