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1988 mustang

  1. What should i do while rebuilding my engine?

    5.0L Tech
    I'm completely restoring my 1988 mustang and while i have the engine out I want to build it up. Let me now what you think i should do to it.
  2. 1988 Mustang 2.3L Carburetor?

    2.3L Tech
    Hi all, I have a 1988 Mustang 2.3L with a single barrel carburetor. My father in law says that gas is leaking from the carb (his exact words) and it needed to get fixed or replaced. The thing is, I went to go and get a carb rebuild kit from the local auto shop and they couldn't find any that's...
  3. 1988 Mustang 5.0 Misfiring problem? Help

    5.0L Tech
    Yesterday morning I was driving my 1988 5.0 to work after warming it up for about 15 minutes. About half way to work (3 miles down the road) it suddenly started running really rough, making a sputtering noise. I figured maybe it was out of gas because the gauge doesn't work, but I still had...
  4. 1988 Mustang Daily driver cam, which would be best?

    5.0L Talk
    Im Rebuilding the motor in my car and i was wondering which cam would be best. it will be used as a daily driver and long trips. i was thinking about a F303 cam. i just want my car to sound good, and if peformance is a by product of that, thats ok to =P thanks, Kaleb
  5. 1988 mustang gt oil pressure still low after installing new pump & pickup

    5.0L Talk
    I am 17 and i just spent 3 night working on my mustang just to be back in the same place i was before. Here is the problem i was/ am having. My oil pressure gauge was going up and down and at idle, wasnt showing anything. The mechanic said that i either had a bad oil pump or the sludge in my...
  6. 1989 5.0 mustang mods, looking for advice

    5.0L Talk
    I just put my car away for the winter not too long ago and I really want to put some money into it when I take it out again next spring. I would like to stick to a $1000 budget. So far I have put together a wish list, I was wondering if anyone thinks that I should modify my list for any reason...
  7. Fuel Pump has no pwer, new Timing gears and much more, need advice

    5.0L Tech
    My Mustang a 1988 5.0 HO, died about a year and half ago, its been sitting ever since. When she died, I lost all power to the fuel pump, and it "felt" like the timing jumped. I started last Friday on getting her back on the road, new Timing set, plugs and wires, and I'm now attempting to find...
  8. New member, 1980 and 1988 mustang

    :waveyHey! im new to this site, I bought my first car 3 months ago. A 1980 mustang coupe automatic with an inline 6 in it, the engine is in to bad of shape to about 4 to 5 weeks later i bought my second car a 1988 mustang coupe with a 4 speed 2.3l 4cylinder in it, and i am currently...
  9. 1988 Mustang 5.0 Fuel Pump will not disengage with ignition

    Hi. My name is Shane and i am the proud new owner of this 1988 Mustang LX 5.0, H/O. The reason i am joining this site is because there are a few things going on with the car that i cannot seem to figure out. The most important one involves the Fuel pump- I had to repair a fuel line a few weeks...