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1988 thunderbird

  1. Help with building an engine for my 89 mustang

    2.3L Tech
    hey guys this is my first post, i just bought an 89 mustang 2.3 5 speed and love it i traded a 92 2.3 ranger for it (ranger was too small for me) and so far everything goes well. a few days ago i was at the junkyard and asking around a found an old 88 thunderbird turbo 2.3, they wanted 125 for...
  2. 1988 Thunderbird Build Questions

    5.0L Tech
    I'm working on slapping together an old project of mine. An 88 Thunderbird 5.0L 302 and had a few questions on the finer points of this build. First off I've been looking into swapping out the rear drums for discs but the rear-end appears to be an 8.8 but also has 5 lug drums, So in that...
  3. Help piecing togeather an 1988 T-bird project

    5.0L Tech
    Landed this nice 88' T-bird, (pics to soon follow) v8 5.0L naturally, but its had a nice hack job of a rebuild done on it, I want to keep the rebuild alive but I need it running so that I can move it. The engine runs strong and it drives great. Got the car from a family friend so I do know...