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1993 cobra

  1. Classic Tech
    So I have the 66 with t5 and l6. Just did 8" rear, disc brake, 5 lug, new v8 suspension and everything so I am now able to do the v8! New thing is what motor should I go with to pair to the t5? I am not building the engine to be fast. I would like about 250hp (give or take a few) and for it...
  2. 5.0L Tech
    I thinking about changing the orginal MAF in my 87GT. I have convert it to MAF using the MAF from a 1993 Cobra and the X3Z computer(24lb injectors). Ihave read that the airflow trough the orginal MAF, so should I change it to 19lb MAF or to 24lb MAF? Thanks