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1995 302

  1. Introductions
    Purchased a 1995 mustang with a few extra goodies, Not Performance wise. Got a 302 v8 In a LX, Supercharged 14 psi, shaved heads Roller Rockers and cams, Bigger fuel pump and injectors, BBK Throttle body, too much more to list. Going to strip the LX Due to a twisted frame, and put into the 1995...
  2. 5.0L Tech
    I replaced the fuel pump with a new one from AutoZone last winter. When it started gettin warm outside it would have a rough idle and shut off and won't run correctly until it cools off outside. So I no longer drive it during the daytime because it will shut off but when I take it out at...
  3. Introductions
    Hey everone, just a hello from a newbie to the forum. I hope I can come up with some good questions for you all about my 5.0 H0 302 engine soon. In the meantime I just want to know why the heck most parts catalougs run right up to 1993 and pass over to 1996 parts? I am pretty sure they made...
  4. 5.0L Tech
    Hello, I was wondering if a 1991 5.0l 302 would work in a 1995 5.0l 302 car. I know the the intake and water pump are different but what else is not the same. I found a good deal on a 1991 5.0 long block but I am not sure if it is worth messing with putting it in my 1995. Thanks