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  1. New Toy 1995 Mustang v6

    Purchased a 1995 mustang with a few extra goodies, Not Performance wise. Got a 302 v8 In a LX, Supercharged 14 psi, shaved heads Roller Rockers and cams, Bigger fuel pump and injectors, BBK Throttle body, too much more to list. Going to strip the LX Due to a twisted frame, and put into the 1995...
  2. 1995 Ford Mustang GT

    5.0L Tech
    okay so my car was working fine, until this morning that i was driving and i pulled over to pump gas, when i got back on to turn on the car to leave it just didnt wanna start.. and my battery wasnt dead and it did have gas even before i went to pump gas.. it just seems to not transport gas to...
  3. New guy with 1995 Mustang GT...little bit of a project, looking for suggestions

    5.0L Talk
    Hey there, new to this, I just bought a 95 GT, and I live in Ft. Stewart, GA. There are some minor things wrong with it, like the center console is a little messed up, (need a new one), and one of the previous owners did a lot of electrical messing around with the car, so there's no cigarette...
  4. 1995 Mustang gt electrical problem

    5.0L Tech
    Here's the story: I was making a u-turn in a parking lot two days ago when mid-turn all of the power goes out of the car with a loud pop. After moving the car into some grass I popped the hood and saw that my battery had shifted during the turn and the positive terminal had connected with the...
  5. need help modding my 1995 Mustang gt

    5.0L Tech
    My mustang is completely stock. all i have done is tuned it, and have flowmasters on it. what do you all think is the first mod that should be done performance wise? i also dont have a lot of money to spend on mods right now. i was thinking of getting a cold air intake, but i dont know if i also...
  6. Hello 1995 Mustang GT Convertable owner here.

    Names Joe Just stopped in to say Hi, Currently I am on the fence on rebuilding or transplanting. I have accses to a 99 Navi 5.4 but havnt crunched nubers on swap verses rebuild. :headscratch:ie. cost to power ratio I do have a familey:wavey:wavey:wavey and other responabilities to consider so...