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  1. Hi all from East Tennessee

    Hi all Iam from the valley of East Tennessee I own 2 mustangs. 1968 mustang i got for graduating high school restored it my self her name is red. 1996 mustang Gt i got in 08 with 17000 miles on it. When my lil brother got driving age he got a 2002 mustang. At work iam known as the mustang guy...
  2. 1996 Mustang GT A/C Clutch Spun When low pressure sensor jumped, then froze?

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys, Here's my problem and I just want to double check myself on this: My 96 GT's A/C hasn't worked in several years. At the start of one summer I noticed it wasn't blowing cold, charged it up and it worked great all summer so I forgot about it until the next summer. I tried to charge it...
  3. 96' GT Convertible Shifting Issue

    4.6L Tech
    Hey there, I just got my first Mustang on Tuesday and I am super excited about it! 96' GT 4.6 V8...much better then all of my previous 4 cylinder vehicles. Anyways I'm posting on here because this pony that I just got is having a slight issue. She is an automatic and when I'm driving down the...
  4. 96 GT Coolant Leak on Top of Engine...Fix How?

    4.6L Tech
    H All, My 96 GT has 105k miles and is leaking coolant. I think I've found the place where it's leaking (see pics). My heater works fine, no residue inside, my oil looks good, and all I do is refill every 4 days or so (15 miles/day). There's a part that appears to be cracked, which is mounted...
  5. 1996 GT Ignition Problems

    4.6L Tech
    Hey folks I have a 1996 Mustang GT, every couple of days the ignition will not turn over the engine. I can pull the key in and out and it's not the battery because it's charged and the electronics work. I can push start the car and it'll work for another few days. My question is: what is the...
  6. 1996 Mustang GT - stock to sick

    Hey all I'm new to the Mustang forums. I just got my first Mustang about a week ago and I'm stoked about it. It's a 4.6 convertible with manual transmission. My parents have a 2005 gt. My car is completely stock besides flowmaster exhaust. After driving my car a ton and then driving the 2005 gt...
  7. Help to Troubleshoot '03 V6 Coil Pack

    V6 Tech
    Any help on how-to troubleshoot a '03 V6 Coil pack? Symptoms: no power on take off, back firing, very similiar to Freestar coil pack symptoms (replace coil pack and one injector to solve problems). Thanks in advance.
  8. 1996 Mustang GT 4.10 vs. 3.73 w/ auto trans

    4.6L Talk
    hey guys, i have a 96 gt and basically stock, not a daily driver, i want to smoke people off the line :shigrin. i want to put in the 4.10 gears but after reading more into it i hear i should go with the 3.73 because 4.10 is too much. let me know what you guys think. after the gears i would get...
  9. 1996 GT rear end shudders in reverse

    My 96 GT has 104K miles and it has a noticeable shudder when backing in reverse (MT 5 spd). I was checking under the car and noticed the differential needed some gear oil, and I seem to have a pinion seal leak. I'm considering this opportunity to go from stock gears to 3.55 gears. Can anyone...
  10. 1996 Mustant GT running like crap

    4.6L Tech
    i got a 96 gt ive posted on here a few times everyone is really helpfull but i got another issue now. my car is running like crap it doesnt die out but if im in like 2nd-5th and i m going along and try to accelerate it seems like its dieng and it doesnt do it all the time but it is starting to...