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  1. V6 Tech
    Hey guys, First time here. Wondering if you guys can help. My A/C hasn't worked since I bought the car (used), and I noticed the clutch was not engaging, so after some research I found out that if the pressure is too low, then the clutch won't engage at all. So I tried adding some freon, and...
  2. 4.6L Talk
    Hi i have problems with my 96 mustang driver seat, the seat is broken on the left side and i see the same seats in junkyard but the driver seat is broken and the passenger its perfect, can i put the passenger seat in the driver place?
  3. V6 Tech
    ok so recently me and my dad baought a 1996 mustang with a nock in the motor for really cheap $ and we found a motor bought it and put in the lower half. but this is my problem do i need to buy any new sensors for my car or what ? i really dont know what to do untill i get an answer thanks
  4. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    Bought a 1996 Mustang with bad 3.8 motor, bought a 3.8 motor out of a 2001 Mustang but it didn't come with a intake maniforld. I am not sure what all I am going to need to get it running. I found that my intake off of the 1996 3.8 won't work on the 2001 3.8. Any insight as to what all I may need...
  5. Modernos 1974-Present
    Amigos buenas tardes, tengo un mustang del 96 v6, en este mes comenso a sonarle el tablero (donde se juntan las partes plasticas como el trim del stereo con el tablero) quisiera saber que le puedo hacer para que no suene tanto, estaba a putno de comprar un spray de sound dampening para ponerle...
  6. V6 Tech
    I have a 1996 v6 and i plan on lowering it an 1.5" but before i do i wanted to make sure if there will be any negative effects on the car. I called a mechanic and he said yes but was short with me and no help so please help me.
  7. V6 Tech
    Well a day ago my car didn't want to accelerate much but i drove it home from school and now to even go forward i have to get the rpms pretty high but reverse works just fine. Thinking i need a new transmission
  8. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    Just saying hi hoping to meet some new people!! Im about to buy a 1996 GTS and Iv got a few questions i need answers to...
  9. V6 Tech
    is the wiring for the 2000 mustang computer the same as the 96 going to the gauges?
  10. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    Just joined today. Although i haven't owned a mustang very long i have always liked them. Mainly older styles but love the power behind the new ones. Mine currently has quite a few issues im working out and am looking for a bit of advice.
  11. V6 Talk
    Hi all, I'm still relatively new here. :P One of this first things I need to take care of with my car is fixing the stupid paint. The paint is chipping off in the back and the clearcoat is coming off the front and rear bumpers. I know that the best thing to do would be to bring it to a...
  12. Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    I need to know if Kenwood KFC-G1620 6.5" Speakers will fit in my door.
  13. V6 Tech
    I've got a 1996 V6 convertible.It's got 140,000 milea on it and the number 2 cylinder's misfiring. I've changed the spark plugs and checked the spark plug wires. And it's still misfiring. I don't really know squat about fixing it (never really worked on a car before.I'm cutting my teeth on the...
  14. V6 Tech
    My mustang started making a loud squeel from my gas tank today. If i turn on anything electrical the squeel changes in pitch but not in volume and idle speed does not affect it at all. Is this noise my fuel pump (is it dying)? It is not a quiet noise and it isnt something that slowly got louder...
1-14 of 14 Results