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1998 ford mustang gt 4.6l

  1. I'm a newbee and here to learn more about Mustangs.

    I have a 1998 Mustang GT convertable and I need to know a little bit more about her. She is in need of some TLC, like a new top, a problem with drivers side window etc. but it's the stuff under the hood that I'm here to get advice and knowlegde about. Got to take care of the car because I'm...
  2. need help! cant pass emissions test

    4.6L Tech
    So i got my first car and its a 1998 mustang gt and i can not get it to pass inspection. When i go and they plug in their computer onto the cars OBD port it says many things are unsupported. The car has a procharger supercharger, Borla exhaust, and a SCT Chip. I have tried removing the chip, but...
  3. 1998 gt rod knocking?

    4.6L Talk
    Started to hear a knocking noise coming from cylinder 7 or 8 when the rpm's get around 2 or 3 thousand. The knocking will not go away until i shift to the next gear. Hopefully it's not a rod knock but I think it is. If so is there anyway that this can be fixed simply by making an adjustment or...
  4. Performance Mods

    4.6L Tech
    I was looking to buy a performance chip from and they offer a few different things. my question is should i get all these parts or will one thing do all of them? The parts are: Jet ford mudule(auto transmission), performance programmer, and the power shift. If you go the website and...