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1999 v6

  1. 1999 Manual V6, weird noise when i start car

    V6 Tech
    I drive a 1999 Manual V6 (3.8L) mustang, I have been starting my car up, and there has been this weird noise when i start the car. It doesn't continue after the car is started, and from what i can tell, hasn't affected the cars ability to drive smoothly (yet?). Some people I talked to said its...
  2. 1999 Mustang V6 versus MKV Jetta

    Kill Stories
    Last night my friend wanted to race me. We know this good road that once it gets past 9 pm nobody goes on it, so we went there a bit later. We went from a 30 roll 3 times, and i won each time by 2-3 car lengths. For all of you preachers, we were only doing a max of 70 in a 45.... so please don't...
  3. 1999 V6 Mustang Loose Steering

    V6 Tech
    My mustang is my first car and I am having the distinct pleasure of learning everything the hard way with this vehicle. I have noticed over the past month and a half that the steering is gaining play slowly but steadily. I just noticed last night that I turned the wheel360 degrees. I am not...