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  1. Choosing New Headlights for a 1999

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 1999 Mustang and its left headlight went out, I want to replace both of my headlights and give them a bit an an overhaul as they are old and foggy (original to the car) and possibly get an improvement upon the stock headlights but it is starting to feel like places are trying to sell me...
  2. 1999 3.8 split port Heads/intake on a 1998 3.8

    V6 Tech
    Hello. I am looking to replace the heads and intake on a 1998 3.8 and I know the 99 3.8 Had a larger throttle body, the split port intake and better flowing cylinder heads. Aside from cabling and sensors, are there any major issues as far as bolt pattern, water passages, pushrod length/lift that...
  3. 1999 Mustang GT Odd Shift Points

    4.6L Tech
    The car is an auto. I recently got tunes from Brenspeed and they're all good except for when I'm just driving normally through town, the car revs north of 3000 RPM until it shifts after 1st gear. Is it the tunes or is my transmission about to kick the proverbial bucket?
  4. 1999 Cobra Covertible Rear Window Issue

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Folks, I am having an issue with the right rear window on my 1999 Cobra Covertible. The window does not want to come up on its own. Sometimes it makes it all the way up, but is really slow. Sometimes I need to actually pull it while hitting the power button. I did a cursory look and it looks...
  5. 1999 Mustang V6 overheating

    V6 Tech
    okay so i got a 1999 ford mustang v6 about a month ago and i started to drive it recently and today it started to over heat so i pulled off the road and let it cool down. i even turned on the heat but it would only blow out cold air. the fan also only works if the AC is on, not the heat. so i...
  6. 99 3.8L V6 running rough!

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys, I'm New here so I'll try to keep this simple and maybe get some help. I'm no mechanic by far but growing up, I was a "daddy's girl" so I learned a few things about engines and how they somewhat work. Any way, a few weeks back I traded my Chevy Avalanche 5.3 V8 for a 35th anniversary...
  7. 1999 Mustang with new motor/transmission, randomly will not start, likely PATS issue

    V6 Tech
    Just replaced the motor and transmission in my 99 (V6/3.8L) and it ran perfectly from the shop to my house (a couple of miles), and then round trip the following morning about 10 total miles in which I did not turn off the car. Tried to start it up later the same day and got nada. I hear the...
  8. 1999 GT Mustang replacement fuel pump

    4.6L Talk
    I have a 1999 GT Mustang with a bad fuel pump. Just died in the garage one day. Checked everything that I could think of - no pressure at the rail, inertia switch, have power all the way back to the fuel pump plug. I have been told that Delphi FG0826 is a good replacement. Any info would...
  9. 1999 cylinder head removal issue

    V6 Tech
    So, a little background information first.... my head gaskets are shot and possibly the heads as well. The oil is milky white and there is a stream of water coming from exhaust pipe. Retard ex was driving the car and apparently the temp gauge malfunctioned, never alarming him the car was...
  10. 99-04 Mustang stock paint production numbers...

    V6 Talk
    Hey again guys, So I am the (semi-)proud owner of a 99 Electric Green 5 speed 3.8l Mustang. Well recently, I began wondering how many they made in my specifications. (ie. 99, v6, 5 speed, Electric green.) Anyways, Once upon a time, I remember stumbling on a website that had all the production...
  11. 1999 Mustang GT Manual Transmission Upgrades

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys, so I was looking around on the internet and found out that the T-45 transmissions can only hold up to 400 lb/ft of torque, and I'm looking to get quite a bit more than that out of my engine. So, I was just wondering, does anybody know where I can get all the upgraded parts for the T-45...
  12. Back in the saddle! Just bought a 99 GT Convertible

    My very first car (30 years ago) was a 1967 Mustang hardtop with a 289 and 3 speed auto..I loved that car but needed something more reliable and traded it in for a Mazda 626! Anyways, Ive owned numerous cars since then and am pretty excited to be a Mustang owner once again. Just picked up a 99...
  13. 1996 Mustang gt exhaust swap

    4.6L Tech
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if an exhaust from a 99 mustang gt 5 speed will fit a 96 mustang gt automatic. I found a whole exhaust from the 99 with manifolds and cats in really good shape. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Price of a 1999 Mustang GT 35th Limited Edition?

    4.6L Talk
    This is basically one of my firsts post, so here goes. A guy is selling a 1999 Mustang GT 35 Limited Edition 1 of 4000-something. Here's the catch: He wants $8000. That's pretty damn high considering a normal GT goes for $5000 in excellent condition. I'm 18, and right now I have a 2001 Ford...
  15. Will a 94 defroster vent fit in a 99?

    4.6L Talk
    Strange question, I know. Tried to search it but I can't find anything. EBay lists 94-98, 99-04, but I've seen 94-04 also. Help please! My vent has a snapped piece and it sticks up.
  16. 1999 3.8L Mustang U-Joints??? WITH VIDEO!!!

    V6 Tech
    Hey All, So I've got a 1999 3.8l Mustang(obv.), 5 speed. The car has been great so far, but I cant seem to get rid of that rocking/heaving from a stop. I want to say its the U-Joints, but from the video, I'm not so sure. Could be the part where the transmission connects to the shorty...
  17. 1999 mustang gt idle drops and raises randomly.

    4.6L Tech
    i will be sitting at a stop light with the clutch in, and the rpms will randomly drop to 300 and then spike to 2000. this has been happening randomly and just recently i blew a hose off the intake. this hose was the compound plastic neck connecting to the heater that everyone has a problem with...
  18. 1999 Mustang V6 Suggestions?

    V6 Tech
    I am a new member to the forums and have been trying to get some suggestions and advice on what to do with my 1999 V6. I'm trying to modify it and get as many horses out of it as i can (who wouldn't want to). It's my daily driver, and unfortunately I don't have thousands to dump into it. So far...
  19. 2005 interior in 99 mustang?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Is it possible to put an 05 interior in a 99 since the 05 has a bigger width by .8 inches? Just wonderin and I really like the interior of 05 to now
  20. 1999 cobra supercharger installation

    4.6L Tech
    i have a 1999 cobra that has been rebuilt with an 09 gt block. i bought an 03 cobra stock supercharger. what else do i need for this conversion and will it work? Thanks