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  1. 1965 mustang 2.89. 2 barrel vs 4 barrel?NEED HELP!

    Classic Talk
    Hello i have a 1965 ford mustang and im not sure if i shoul keep the 2 barrel or switch to a four. Im being told 2 ifferent things, from 2 different parties. One keeps saying the 4 barrel will waste more gas? Is that true? All depends on how you drive it correct? and does the 4 barrel get better...
  2. 1966 mustan 289 intake manifold conversion.

    Classic Tech
    i recently bought a 289 2 barrel engine and i was wondering just pure curiousity can i put a dual quad intake manifold on it or it that doing too much can someone please inform me about this? i actually plan too just convert it into a 4 barrel but i saw that intake manifold and thought i would...
  3. 1965 289 2 barrel throttle link diagram?

    Classic Tech
    1965 289 2 barrel throttle link diagram? If this is posted elsewhere I apologize, but I could not find it using the search feature. I have a 1965 289 with a 2 barrel carburetor and the throttle spring is broken. However, I do not think it was setup properly by the former owner. The broken...
  4. Carburator for my 1995 Cobra Mustang engine 302 block

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Not sure what 4 barrel to get for my lady. Currently has a 2 barrel ederlblock. Any suggestions as far as the upgrade?
  5. 1970 Mustang 302 2v spark plug question

    Classic Tech
    Hows it going everyone, I have been going to the parts stores a lot lately and been getting the wrong parts for my Stang. Its a 1970 Coupe with the original engine and drivetrain, 302, 2 barrel Autolite, c4. It does have electronic ignition. I have been running into this spark plug problem. The...
  6. 1968 289 Mustang-Massive vacuum leak, but i cant hear it...

    Classic Tech
    My 1968 289 is running like total crap in idle, shaking, low rpm, struggling to run, etc... but ONLY when it is warmed up and the choke is open. I hooked up a vacuum gauge and it was hardly pulling anything; so i have almost no vacuum. and when i manually close the choke while it is running, it...
  7. 1968 Mustang 289 rough idle in drive

    Classic Tech
    i have a seemingly bizarre situation with my engine. it starts great and idles just fine in park or neutral without shaking or rough spots and is fairly quiet due to a recent valve adjustment. when it is warm the car drives just fine and accelerates great and isnt lacking in power at all...
  8. 1966 mustang starts but idles rough then dies

    Classic Talk
    it is a 289 with a 2 barrel carb. it takes a few tries to get it to start. i got it to run for 1 minute once. usually lasts 15 seconds until it dies. what could be the problem. i just rebuilt the carb, but it didn't help. could it be the idle screws aren't adjusted properly?
  9. 1969 Mustang 302 Carburetor swap questions

    Classic Tech
    Hello, I am new to the forum and looking for some advice. I have a 69 Coupe that has the lower powered 302. I am planning on replacing the stock 2 barrel carburetor and manifold with an Edelbrock performer intake, a 2" 4 hole Carburetor Spacer and a 600cfm 4 barrel Electric choke Edelbrock...