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  1. 5.4 swapped track times and update

    4.6L Talk
    It's been a while since I've been on here but I swapped my gt with a 5.4 2 valve, mod list is bbk shorty headers, procomp intake manifold with adapters, 75mm throttle body and plenum and cheap cold air intake, so it's mostly stock, also has stock gt ecu completely untuned it's still got the...
  2. CVPI and Town Car interchangeable parts?

    4.6L Tech
    i know this site is for mustangs but lately ive been wondering what i can change on a Lincoln Town Car to make it work like a Crown Vic Police Interceptor. i owned a 09 CVPI and i liked it but it need to much work. i know they have a slight bump in power due to intake air box, dual exhaust and...
  3. my mustang is slower than a less modified mustang in the 1/8th?

    4.6L Talk
    hi, I have a 2003 mustang gt 5 speed, ive got a few things done to it. I have cold air intake, 70mm throttle body, 75mm plenum, Rally coil on plugs, 4.10 gear ratio, superchips tuner, and I just put on a replacement Dorman intake manifold. My problem is I have raced this other mustang (2001 I...
  4. 3v to 2v motor swap.. Yes you read it right.

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I have been bummed out because my engine in my car has alot of miles and its pretty well falling apart.. if your wondering whats exactly wrong, just look at the last thread i started. Long story short, a very very great freind of mine has had a 2v BLOCK laying around for a while now, and hes...
  5. 1996 Mustang GT Gasket/Seal Help

    4.6L Tech Can anyone tell me what these seals, the orange and black ones and the orange and black o-rings next to them, are for? I'm reassembling a 2v 4.6 out of a 96 GT and its been about 3 years since I tore it apart, these...
  6. My Build Post 2001 Mineral Grey GT

    4.6L Talk
    Well i havent been on the forum for a while so i decided to update on my build, im starting this thread about halfway throught and i will update each time something new is in progress. Well my plans are to autocross, and take the car to track days. No serious racing but its something i want...
  7. im new to forum world and need help with 4V swap into 1996 Mustang GT

    4.6L Tech
    i have a 1996 gt and im about to do a 4valve swap. i've got everything.i need to know if my a/c compressor will work,and if the car will run good enough to get it to the shop to have it tuned,and what ever advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
  8. 1996 mustang 2 valve to 4 valve swap.

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 1996 mustang gt with the stock 2 valve motor. I recently got a 4 valve motor for free. What am I up against during the swap and is it worth it?
  9. 1999 Mustang GT: DOHC 4 Valve SWAP questions

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys, the name is Rob. I'm 18 and live in RI. I have a 99 Mustang GT 5 speed with 3.73's, full bolt on's, and a tune, etc. Car has 56k miles on it and I've been toying with the idea of changing my intake manifold and throwing a zex 100 shot on come next summer considering its the best way...
  10. converting 2valve to 4valve

    4.6L Tech
    for anyone who works at a performance shop or for those who really know what they are talking about when it comes to motors...what all would have to be done if i wanted to convert my 2002 2valve gt to a 4valve...and would it be worth it. or would it be more worth it to swap out stock internals...
  11. 2V vs. 4V sound

    4.6L Talk
    what gives the 4V that unique sound over the 2V's? airflow? the ability to rev higher? bigger exhaust ports on the heads? i want mine to sound like a 4V, only reason i can think of is that 4V flow more air than 2V's what do you guys think?