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  1. Classic Talk
    Recently found a 1967 Coupe that needs restoration. Vin says it was originally Brittany Blue, and has the original (rebuilt) 200cc I6 in it. I am restoring it with my grandfather, and we were both debating on how original to keep it. We love the Pepper Gray Metallic color as well. Grandfather...
  2. Classic Tech
    I just pulled a perfectly good running 200 straight 6 with auto transmission from my '66 and will be putting in a 302. What is the average resale value for the motor and transmission?
  3. Classic Tech
    I am looking to bring my '65 back from the dead. She tried to kill me with fuel bubbling on the intake but we survived. Fast forward 10 years and I now have a cut up '89 302 Crown Vic with 4 link and all. I need to know how much of the Crown Vic can be merged with the Stang? The '65 has a 200 in...
1-3 of 3 Results