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  1. I6 rebuild questions and performance

    Classic Tech
    My problemm began when I was driving my 66 and the engine made a loud bang and next thing I knew a plume of white smoke emanated from the exhaust and my car was no longer running. I coasted to the side of the road got out and lifted the hood and found light smoke coming from between the head and...
  2. 1966 Mustang 200 6 cylinder - wont idle

    Classic Tech
    I bought this car about a year ago. It ran "ok" but had some lagging during acceleration. The carb looked pretty well worn so i sent it out to be rebuilt. Before removing the carb the car would start and run smooth, just not accelerate as good as it should. Got the carb back and now the car...
  3. Code 'T' vins being fitted with 289 V8

    Classic Mustangs Off Topic Lounge
    Can anyone tell me if this is true and if so how do I find out if this happened to my 1966 mustang. Ford had anticipated the six cylinder cars would outsell the V8 cars but the order for V8 cars was so overwhelming some cars already stamped 'T' on the vin number to receive the six cylinder...
  4. 1966 coupe with six banger...HELP!

    Hey guys, A buddy of mine recently lost his home in the tri-state during hurricane sandy. Along with the house, his 66 mustang took on water. Needless to say, he's over it. Won't start, interior's shot, and he's done. He asked me if I could take it off his hands and I'm on the fence. A classic...
  5. Extra hole in the 200ci block

    Classic Tech
    One more dumb question. On the driver's side of the block, up high and very near the front is a large hole with two tapped holes on either side, on an angle. Does that make sense? I've looked at many photos online and my guess is there should be a "freeze" plug in the larger hole? Can someone...
  6. 1965 Mustang Coupe T5 Transmission Swap

    Classic Tech
    I just got a 1965 200 CID Straight 6 Mustang. I would like to put a T5 transmission in it. I found one from an '87 Ford Turbo Coupe. Will that work? What sorts of things do I need to consider/purchase in order to make it work? A little more info: the car was born a 3 speed manual and was...
  7. Ford 200 and sprint 200 differences

    Classic Tech
    I seen a motor label that said Sprint 200 on it. What are the differences between a Sprint 200 and a regular 200?
  8. What Oil Should I Put In My 69 Ford 200 6 Cylinder?

    Classic Tech
    What would be the best possible, its got 87k original miles and I'm looking for something to improve performance. Would Royal Purple 5w-30 High Performance work or be bad to use?
  9. 1965 Mustang Motor Information.

    Classic Tech
    Ok Guys, My block casting number is c5de-6015-H I have 5 freeze plugs (three along the center and one on each end that sit top of cent on the passanger side of the block.) The engine has not emission control period. Valve cover is orange red and there is not a place for a PCV valve. It has...
  10. Does anyone make 200 fender emblems?

    Classic Talk
    Hey all, I proudly drive my Sprint 200. I feel no need for a V8. I like where my mustang is now because it's an awesome cruiser. However, I noticed something the other day that has left me feeling incomplete. 65-66 Mustangs that had a 289 got a little 289 badge to put on their fenders. There...
  11. 1969 Falcon inline 6 overheating? need help

    Mustang Tech
    i know its not a mustang but its close i have a 69 falcon with from what info i can find and what parts fit has a 250ci 6cyl out of a mid 70s maverick. i replaced all the freezeplugs flushed the engine out replaced the headgasket, thermostat 160 and 180(tried both),50/50 mix, thermostat housing...
  12. Hoppin' up that inline 6

    Classic Tech
    Hey folks, haven't been on here in FOREVER so, i've got a 1966 Mustang sprint (200cid i6) with an automatic transmission, around here, thats quite a gem, considering MOST people around here get one of those, just so they can slap a big v8 in it, and make it a drag car. SO i want to be different...
  13. Carburetor for an inline 6 & Exhaust Manifold

    Classic Tech
    Hi. I'm looking for an original carb for my 1966 inline 6 cylinder, 200 engine. Or if someone knows a good quality new carb. Also, I need an exhaust manifold. Any ideas or suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  14. 1966 Stater Selenoid melting

    Classic Tech
    Hi, I am working on a 66 w/ a 200. I changed the battery and the starter selenoid and I rebuilt the holley 1940 carb. I got the car to start and the carb is working fine. I am having trouble getting the starter to work. When I crank it turns over then just stops. I see smoke coming from the...
  15. Swapping a 200 for a 289 in a 1966 Mustang Coupe?

    Classic Tech
    Hi. I want to swap a straight 6 200 for a hi-po 289. I'm wondering if all classic mustangs from 66 were built equally, that is, is a car with a 200 capable of handling a 289 without any real modifications (were cars built with a 200 built the same as cars built with a 289)? I was going to get...