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  1. 2000 GT PATS Problem

    4.6L Tech
    When I get in the car to start it, the PATS is clicking. The starter won't turn over until I hit the unlock button on the key fob. It does this again when I shut the car off and it sits for 3 to 5 minutes. As soon as I hit the unlock button, everything is ok. I took the car to the Ford dealer...
  2. New guy with his car, a 2000 GT

    Hey all, new to this forum but looking forward to being here. I have a'00 GT with a custom two-tone blue/black paintjob. mods list: ford racing 373's, SCT Tuner, ford racing 2" lowering springs, B&M Short throw shifter,2.5" exhaust:manifold to basani x pipe to magnaflows to 4"tips, BBK CAI, BBK...
  3. Good Mods? I need suggestions!

    I have a white 2000 GT Convertible with a K&N CAI, Flowmaster mufflers, and a SR Performance 70mm throttle body. Anyone have any suggestions on a few mods to get a little more horsepower? Heres the catch, I can't spend more than a few hundred bucks. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  4. 2000 GT Suspension Question

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys. Im planning on lowering my 2000 GT convertible and i have a few questions first. Ive got aftermarket Bullitt wheels -18x9 front (275/35/18) -18x10 rear (285/35/18) Ive got 1in spacers on the rear. Just for styling. Im planning on putting H&R super sport springs with isolators...
  5. 2000 GT Suspension

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hey guys. Im planning on lowering my 2000 GT convertible and i have a few questions first. Ive got aftermarket Bullitt wheels -18x9 front (275/35/18) -18x10 rear (285/35/18) Ive got 1in spacers on the rear. Just for styling. Im planning on putting H&R super sport springs with...
  6. 2000 GT front Brake Problems.

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2000 GT and the calipers are sticking. I have replaced both front calipers and they are still sticking. I went to advanced and they gave me new brake pads. before I hooked up the brake lines and just put the Caliper on it locked the wheel up. What can I do to fix this problem.
  7. 2000 mustang gt blown engine rebuild

    4.6L Tech
    Hello I recently purchased a 2000 mustang gt with a 5 speed manual transmission and an engine with a horrible knocking sound. I got the car for $1500 knowing that I would have to do a whole bunch of work to it. My cousin, who is the mustang guy in the family, suggested that I take the PI intake...
  8. 2000 Mustang GT 4.6L question

    I have a problem. I replaced a bad fuel pump ( also Filter ) took it to a shop had it scoped, was told I needed new plugs and that 6 coils were bad. I replaced all of them. now I can get my Stang to crank yet it only catches for second before it shuts down. This happens the first time I try to...
  9. 2000 Mustang GT Clutch Swap. I need a recommendation.

    4.6L Talk
    Ok so, I am kind of new to the whole Mustang world. I got my first one ('00 GT) in Feb of '08. To this day, I have really been able to give her any proper attention since I got her because I am in the Army and I haven't had a chance to settle down yet. I am about to return from a deployment to...
  10. URGENT 2000 GT engine popping/smoking

    4.6L Tech
    So this is what happened. I was driving yesterday just in normal traffic not reving my enginge or oranything jsut staying between 1-3rd gear. I came up to a stop sign, made a complete stop, and as i pulled away i noticed an odd sound coming from my engine, it started making a loud "popping"...
  11. Check Fluids Light on 2000 mustang Gt stays on.

    4.6L Tech
    All 2000 Mustang GT's have the Check fluid levels light. Looks like a little container with a cap on it with a fan symbol in the middle. Mine always stays on but all fluids are good and new. My ac doesn't work. Air comes out but not cold and, coolant fan never turns on and car runs cold. I,m...
  12. 1995 mustang gt v.s 2000 gt

    Kill Stories
    ok so i have a big race this coming saturday and i need to know if i have a shot at this, im racing a black 95 gt and i wanna know if my 2000 gt has a shot at taking it, the 95 is stock and i just have a jlt rai
  13. need some more HP!!!

    4.6L Tech
    Ok, so i need some help. I need some ideas on getting more HP out of my 2000 GT. It already has a BBK Cold Air Intake and a Jet Racing Chip. I was debating getting a new exhaust, but I just do not know...I want pretty much the easiest way to gain some more HP. Any more ideas????:)
  14. New to the forum, just bought my 2000 Mustang GT

    Hey guys, I just bought my 2000 Mustang GT yesterday. I love it and look forward to learnin more from all you guys. All it has done to it is a BBK Cold Air Intake and a Jet racing chip. 5 speed manual and convertable. 18'' Cobra R rims with 265 on the back and 235 on front. Hope you guys like...
  15. 2000 Mustang gt spark plugs.. and fuel pump

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2000 gt and need to change the spark plugs... the car is pretty much stock.. can anyone tell me the best plugs to get!!! I also had my fuel pump replaced now my gas gauge is stuck on three quarters and simple way to fix this
  16. 2000 GT not starting, just cranking

    4.6L Tech
    I went to start my car this morning and when I tried to start it it just continues to crank and not turn over. I can start it with starting fluid and it will stay running after that however, if I shut it off and try to start it again it won't start just crank. Visually everything looks fine...