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2002 v6

  1. What will I need for a dual exhaust conversion on a 2002 V6 Mustang?

    V6 Tech
    Hey everyone, thanks for your input on my first thread on how to get a more aggressive sound for a V6 Mustang. After watching many videos on YouTube and looking through the website, I've decided to go with an o/r h-pipe and thrush welded mufflers. Main reason why I'm getting thrush mufflers is...
  2. I need help with my 2002 V6 mustang.

    V6 Tech
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm under a great deal of stress. I purchased my 2002 V6 mustang about a year ago and everything was running great until recently. The car now shakes uncontrollably and backfires a lot. It turns on fine but then it starts to shake and it smells terribly of smoke...
  3. 2002 Mustang v6 with eaton m112 set up

    V6 Tech
    found a great m112 that couldnt pass up price was great and the miles were very low. i know i can safely get 300rwhp but i want to know what i need. i have the m112 with the tb and thats it. do i need bigger injectors? what about the heat exchanger? and how about a mass air flow sensor? thanks...
  4. 2002 Mustang V6 making squealing noise under hood

    V6 Tech
    It started about a week ago. Made this awful sound like there is a chihuahua under the hood and it's in pain. Sometimes it doesn't make this sound, but the majority of the time it does. My mechanic has checked the belt, alternator, water pump, crank, pulleys, pretty much everything. He'll be...