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2003 6 cylinder

  1. 2003 v6 dying at quarter tank

    V6 Talk
    I have a 2003 v6 mustang that i bought 4 months ago. last week i was driving and suddenly as i applied the gas, rpm's dropped and engine acted as i it was out of gas (there was about 1/8 of a tank no light on yet). I limped to a gas station and filled up - problem solved. now today at just...
  2. fog light wires in a 2003 that did not come with fog lights?

    V6 Talk
    Hi all, Urban myth or real? I have a 2003 conv Premium. I pulled the dash and put in a switch button where a blank was, behind it was a plug in to it. Turn on the headlights and the button lights up with the rest of the buttons. I read somewhere that the wiring is in the car to the front grill...
  3. 2003 Fox 4 3.8L V6 Automatc

    V6 Talk
    2003 3.8 Automatic Hi AFM Have found one of these for sale by owner close to where I live. Automatic. 180,000 miles Have test driven , drives ok. Am new to the Mustang world, looking for a project / daily driver /runaround. Hoping to get some insights into resale , parts, sought after...
  4. is 18 mpg average normal for a 2003 3.8 v6?

    V6 Talk
    Hello all, :) I'm new to this site, and I was wondering what the average mpg is for users on here who drive v6 mustangs? I purchased a v6 rather than a GT hoping the gas mileage would be better, but now a few people I know have early 2000's GT's that get better gas mileage than my 2003 v6...
  5. Alternator question, please help!

    V6 Tech
    I was wanting to know if I would be able to put a 160 AMP GT alternator in a 2003 v6 mustang. I am powering a 12in sub woofer and it is dimming my lights badly. Thanks
  6. Life expectancy 2003 coupe

    V6 Talk
    I am considering buying a 2003 Mustang Coupe...119,000 miles...How much life expectancy can I expect. I keep hearing that Fords don't last that long. Looking for insight from owners. Thank you. asking $7500. Considering offering $5500. I welcome all comments. taking car to mechanic tomorrow...