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  1. Black touch-up paint ('04 Mustang)?

    Show & Shine
    Hello, all. In preparing to sell my 2004 Mustang convertible, I am looking to get some touch-up paint, and checked the paint code is UA on the door label. My problem is that when I check online shops, for some reason the kits that come up for the UA code all say "Not compatible with your...
  2. What is this sensor? 2004 Mustang GT

    4.6L Tech
    What is the sensor I have circled in red in both photos attached? Is it the Engine Coolant Temp Sensor? Also the white part where it plugs in spins freely, is it supposed to spin like that? Like it's loose from the brass threaded part.
  3. 2004 Mustang V6 Repair

    V6 Talk
    Greetings, my name is Dillon. My girlfriend Jessica and I are having some car troubles. One problem after another it seems. First an exhaust leak which took two visits to the muffler shop to repair. Next came a break pad falling off at a stop light. Now currently both head gaskets are leaking...
  4. Will 98 supercharger fit 2004 mustang?

    I am trying to buy this supercharger Supercharger for my 2004 v6 mustang but do not know if it will bolt up right.
  5. 04 v6 is overheating

    V6 Tech
    well I changed a lot of things trying to get my car back running but now its hard for it to shift in gears and its overheating like if their wasn't enough power any suggestions
  6. 2003-2004 cooling systems for a 1996 cobra?

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Can I utilize the heat exchanger from an 03-04 cobra in my 96 cobra. I know the radiator will fit with some aftermarket brackets but I would like to somehow use the heat exchanger as an extra layer of cooling since these years like to run warm. Not to mention it would look pretty cool. Is this...
  7. 2004 Mustang Gt Whine/Hum rear end

    4.6L Tech
    My 2004 Mustang GT has a whine/humming sound coming from the rear end only under slight acceleration or when holding a steady speed. It starts making the noise around 45 mph and will continue to about 55-60mph. I typically drive around 50mph most of the time and this is when the noise is most...
  8. New user with 04 Mustang GT

    Hello everyone, My name is Ian and I live in Orange Park, Florida. Back in January I purchased a 2004 Mustang GT Auto. I have thoroughly enjoyed my car since the purchase, it's fun to drive. A few hiccups here and there, but I'm trying to get everything straightened out. I have been lurking...
  9. 2004 v6 mustang exhaust, please help!

    V6 Talk
    I have a base v6 2004 and I'm trying to decide what will give it the best sound without breaking my bank. I would love to keep it around $150. Any suggestions?
  10. Is it time to retire my 04 Supercharged GT??

    4.6L Tech
    Hey everyone. So right now I have a 04 Mustang GT that is resting on about 420 rwhp. The next line of 2015 muscle cars are going to be in the 600 range, for example the corvettes and GT500. Is it time for me to put her to pasture and sell her. Or is it time to do some more extensive...
  11. Ebay SVO 1996-2004 Supercharger Kit

    4.6L Talk
    found this on Ebay and it's the first ive heard of it. didn't SVO get swapped to SVT after the fox platform? really curious about it and will it fit the newer PI 2v heads? looks like it's off a 96...
  12. 2004 Mustang GT ticking sound/noise follow-up (with vid)

    4.6L Tech
    I've really tried searching for answers here and some other forums but I haven't found a vid that has a similar problem with my car. I just don't want to go to the shop and get ripped off telling me I have a problem with this with that etc. I just want to get straight to the point and tell them...
  13. 04 Sonic Blue Mustang GT Build Thread *Lots of Pics*

    4.6L Tech
    Alright so I have made the decision to create a build thread for my car. This way I won't have to keep making threads for each of my mods. So I will start from the beginning: I bought a 2004 40th Anniversary Sonic Blue Mustang GT from an older guy who drove it mostly highway miles. Purchased...
  14. Odd problem with Radio Knob

    Hello this is my first post. I'm having a strange issue with the radio in my 2004 Mustang. The radio volume only goes up regardless of which way you turn it. At first I could sort of gently finesse it and it would slowly go down, now it just rockets up to max volume. The speakers are from the...
  15. 2004 Mustang Buckles Forward

    V6 Tech
    Hello friends, I have an 04 Mustang automatic and when I first start it up and shift from park to D4 the car jerks forward. I do not know why this is and I was wondering if any of you have had similar experiences. Many thanks
  16. 2004 mustang GT - are all considered 40th anniversary?

    Hey guys - I just recently purchased a 2004 ford mustang GT. I am the 3rd owner. It's a silver convertible and seems to be a deluxe version with cloth seats. It has been repainted before I bought it and is missing the GT emblem on the back and has the classic red white and blue stripe with...
  17. 2004 Mach1 headers and exhaust

    4.6L Talk
    Witch headers would be better on a mach1 with a borla exhaust and what kind of pipe set up or with mufflers?
  18. 2004 mustang limbo

    4.6L Tech
    Hello everyone! I'm pretty fresh when it comes to mechanics, but i am also too stubborn to take my mustang into the dealer. so let me explain my situation and hopefully someone will be able to help me... Car: 2004 Ford Mustang V6 5 speed; 40th ann. edition My story: I let a guy drive my...
  19. 2004 Mustang 40th Anniversary.. Need to replace battery cables

    V6 Tech
    Hey Mustang owners! Dallas Texas here.. own the 40th anniversary V6 2004. Battery Cables have been eaten away over the years and I need to replace. Does anyone have a diagram of the battery cables and or where they connect to from the battery? Is this a complicated do it yourself? Any...
  20. Engine Rebuild Questions?

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys! Just to get it out here...I am not looking to rebuild MY ENGINE. I do plan on rebulding the engine of a 2004 Cobra in many years to come. I just had a few general questions about a rebuild. 1. Do some people rebuild engines just because they can? Or is there always a reason? 2. What...