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2005 v6 wheels

  1. Wheel fitment issues - 2005 V6, I need help.

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    Hey guys, I'm about to buy some wheels for my car off of Craigslist. The wheels are: 17x9 in the front, and 17x10.5 in the rear. The tires are: 275-40z-17 in the front, and 315-35z-r17 in the rear. These wheels were previously on a 2000 GT. I would like to know: Whether or not the wheels...
  2. 2005 V6 Mustang Wheels

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    I've got a stock '05 V6 with the "Exterior Upgrade" package, so the wheels with the spinners. I'm wondering how much those wheels weigh? I'm about to put new tires on the car and figured if I could drop more than 5 lbs / wheel by getting replacement wheels I may just do it. That said, I've...