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  1. 2005 GT 4.6 rattling/knocking noise when turning/accelerating

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hi community, I finally decided to open up a new thread to make use of everybody's knowledge, advise and experiences. I already read trough Dingo7222's thread which sounded exactly like the problem I have with my car. But, I checked the motor mounts and especially the spacing of the steering...
  2. Find of the Day: 6,000 Mile 2005 Ford GT

    The year is 2005. The first-ever YouTube video has just been uploaded. Hurricane Katrina is whipping up in the Atlantic. Batman Begins is in theaters. This black and grey Ford GT is sold at Butler Ford in Oregon. To look at the odometer, you’d also think that was the last time this GT was...
  3. 2005 Mustang New Radio troubleshooting

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I am hoping that someone can help me with a few questions. My daughters boyfriend told her that he could easily install a new radio in her car with no problem. She has a 2005 ford mustang coupe. Big surprise he worked on it and worked on it and then gave up. So now I get to clean up the mess...
  4. 2005 ford mustang hard shifting

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    So today I changed my oil, oil filter and fuel filter and started my car and everything it was fine put it in reverse and descending off my ramps everything fine no leaks no hard shifting. So about 2 hours later i go for a test drive and when i shift into reverse it like takes a second and...
  5. 2005 Mustang Exhaust Rattle

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hi, I'm new to AllFordMustangs. I have looked extensively, and found a lot on this topic, but nothing similar to my problem. It makes this noise pretty much all the time, at idle, or acceleration. Some other problems I've read about with this sound say that their sound goes away when the car...
  6. Mustang U66-01

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this group and actually new to the mustang world and was wondering if I could get some advice. I'm interested in buying a 2005 mustang, see pictures below. On the side of the car, it says U66, and on the back it has the writing "Ultimate Autosports U66-01" where the...
  7. Broken Convertible Roof, need help with parts

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey Guys! I'm a mustang owner in Europe (2005 V6 Pony Package convertible), and I'm having a bit of an issue finding parts for my broken convertible roof. I don't need the entire roof replaced mind you, "just" the frame broke. The hydraulic cylinders and the canvas are fine. What retailer can...
  8. Question about an 8.8 rear end

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hi guys, I have a 2005 v6 and I have lately been looking at 8.8 rear ends. I found a complete 8.8 rear end from a 1991 5.0 and was wondering if I could use this on mine. I read somewhere that they were universal and also that the 1991 8.8 use a 28 spline and the 2005 v6 does too, if that helps...
  9. 2005 Loss of power after installing new exhaust?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I've recently installed a completely new exhaust on my 2005 V6 (Pypes Mid-Muffler and Pacesetter long-tube headers) and I've noticed from the beginning that there is a drastic loss of power. Entering the highway, I've noticed that once up to the power band the car does not make noticeable power...
  10. proverbial dual exhaust question

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Starting my dual exhaust build. Currently in my possession are: longtube headers, 02 extenders, Gt Stock hpipe with out cats, GT over axle pipes, and Flowmaster outlaw exhaust. My question is, will everything bolt straight up, or will it need some fab work. Main issue I'm thinking is the headers...
  11. Gt Rear

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    so i recently had an Auburn limited slip installed in my 05 V6, and my speed shop recommended buying a Gt rear for her because the differential can be rough on the stock one. do you Guys recommend anything else and where can i get a good one from?
  12. exhaust overhaul

    i have a 2005 v6 mustang with a magnaflow catback exhaust which i love but i would like to get a pair of long tube headers, i need cats on my car because of where i live and want to know if theres any catted mid-pips or a way to make them without to much pain.
  13. Can You Get A Used 2011 Ford Mustang V6 For $10,000?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hey everybody this is my first post here and I'm looking to buy my first car. (I know, I know I'm lucky to get anything for my first car) but I have really thought this through and I am wondering how common it is to get a used 2011 Ford Mustang V6 for around $10,000. Here is the situation, my...
  14. 2005 GT idle issues?

    Mustang S197 Off Topic Lounge
    I have an 05 gt. it's a 5-speed manual with a CAI and catless h-pipe exhaust. Recently it's been idling at about 450 rpms, then it will shoot up to about 1000. Also a couple of times when I popped it into neutral my car has just shut off on me. I already re-tuned it with my tuner, but that still...
  15. 2005 Mustang GT project MORE HP!

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    HI! I am Antonio and I have a 2005 Ford mustang which ill modify please I need help ! I would like to know how to make the most HP with a Budget of 23,000 dollars which mods do you recommend and in which order thanks! P.D this is a project for 2 years
  16. on 3 preformance v6 turbo kit

    I was looking at some turbo kits for my v6 and I came across the On 3 Performance Mustang V-6 4.0L Turbo System Kit and it was a lot cheaper than other companies and was just curious if anyone out there has dealt with this turbo kit before and if it is a good piece of hardware???
  17. top 5 best preformance upgrades v6

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    I would like to know what the best upgrades I can do to get the most out of my V6.a nice turbo/supercharger is kind of out of my price range at this point but I know cai is first but what would be the next big HP gain?
  18. 2005 19" Wheels/Tire Fitment

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I've searched multiple forums to find an answer, and have been highly unsuccessful. My friend has a 2005 mustang and is trying to put 19" wheels on it (with a width of 9.5). We went to a shop to have them installed with 245/45/19 tires, and they got them on and said they would not fit without...
  19. 2011 5.0 with Saleen SuperShaker?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Is it possible to put the 2005-2010 Saleen Super Shaker on a 2011 Mustang GT?
  20. 2005 Ford Musang Gt! They hear me Rollin, and the hating.

    Just making my introduction to the forums. I have plans to buy a 2011 or up Gt, I want attempt to put a Saleen Super Shaker on it if possible. amer.gifsaluting-us-flag.gifamer.gif