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  1. Classic Tech
    I have a 1968 engine with no spark, so far I've replaced points,condensor, and coil. I read 5.5-7 volts when cranking the engine over and testing the coil. Battery reads 12.25, that should be enough to give even a little spark, right? I did jump it earlier and it read 12.6 after 15 min of...
  2. Classic Tech
    Hi all, I've been upgrading my mustang with a rebuilt inline 6 and been thinking about upgrading the rear end on the mustang. I believe it has the stock 2.73 gears in the back which makes acceleration pretty sluggish, so I was wondering what would happen if I added a 8 inch rear end to the car...
  3. Classic Tech
    Hi all, I'm new to the site and also the new owner of a nice little 65 Fastback 2+2. The car has a 200ci, 3 speed manual in it and I've been doing a little research on what to do with her. Do I swap the 6 with a 289 and a 4 Speed or dual it out with a manifold & carb upgrade? The bummer is that...
  4. Classic Talk
    Just curious but after buying my 65' (with an I6) a while back the guy said it was an aftermarket 3-speed automatic (he took out the manual and put in the automatic I don't know why) but I can only feel it shift once? It'll go into 2nd around 25-35 mph depending on how high i have the RPMs. Then...
  5. Classic Talk
    I am looking to replace a damaged 200 ci I6 cylinder head. I prefer the large log off of a 66 or 67, but will settle for a small log. If someone has a complete I6 they pulled for a engine swap, I would consider taking the whole thing.
  6. Classic Talk
    so we changer the lifters and valve guide seals because it was smoking pretty good and the lifters wouldnt pump up. new head gasket when we put the head back on. now we got oil pressure when we first started it up but one trip around the block and it dropped. when it starts cold it will come up...
  7. Classic Talk
    I was wondering what is a good/safe and/or maximum freeway speed for an inline 6 cylinder, 200ci, automatic with a c4 transmission. Also, what happens if you go too fast for too long? Thanks.
1-7 of 7 Results