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  1. SAD story, 2016 ecoboost

    2015+ 2.3L Ecoboost Talk
    Hi Guys, just joined the forum. I came across the forum in search of some escape from my tragic story that I am about to share with you all today. If you would bare with me. I just bought a used 2016 ecboost on Thursday April 25th some 2 hours away from where I live in Southern California. I...
  2. 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High-Performance Package Review

    “This is good,” I thought to myself about two minutes after swapping seats with my drive partner and settling in behind the wheel. “This is extremely good.” Ford’s brand-new High Performance Package for the 2020 EcoBoost  Mustang  makes this ponycar significantly more appealing than the...
  3. Always Learning

    This hobby, cars, is not about competing against another driver or a machine. This hobby, for me, is about competing against myself. The mechanics, physics, education, math, and a myriad of other forces that can hinder the uneducated and unexperienced, but for those who are educated and the more...
  4. Hello from the North West

    HI, my name is Josh and I look forward to interacting with all you Mustang freaks :) Greatest American sports car of all time . I have a 1989 2.3L with a lot of issues after sitting a while . Im not a experienced mechanic , but I am hoping to learn that car inside and out . Thanks , peace
  5. 1985 mustang lx carburetor upgrade

    2.3L Talk
    My 1985 mustang has a 2.3 liter and that garbage 1bbl carter yf. I'm looking for ways to improve power. I'm not looking to make it a race car just reduce my 0-60 (about 20 seconds currently)
  6. Posting some more images of my car.

    Mustang II Talk
    So i havent been on the site for a while, ive been busy going off to school and with work. But ive still been working on the mustang. ive put new wheels on it, took it to carlisle for ford nationals and i just recently bought a new cam out of a ranger to put in it. im still saving up for the 2.3...
  7. 1989 Mustang A4LD powerloss when shifting into Overdrive

    2.3L Tech
    Hi, I have a 1989 2.3L Mustang and when it shifts into OD, it feels like I lose power or like its trying to shift into OD but can't. I've had some transmission issues in the past (mainly leaks) but this is new. It started happening one night after I ran out of ATF and it stopped moving (duh). I...
  8. 1989 Mustang 2.3L Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak

    2.3L Tech
    Okay so I have an 89 Mustang (with 2.3l) that I recently bought that has a transmission with (supposedly) around 50k miles that the guy I bought it from just put on it. A few months into using it as my daily driver, I noticed that it had started leaking ATF and started slipping when shifting. I...
  9. 1993 2.3 Auto Transmission Won't Drive

    2.3L Tech
    Hey everyone first post in this section but i'm looking at buying a 93 2.3 hatch. I've been looking at one car in particular and talked with the guy and he says the motor runs great but the transmission won't go into gear or drive. He says he thinks it's the torque converter because it's leaking...
  10. Are twin plug 2.3's the same as single plugged?

    2.3L Tech
    Just wondering if the twin plug 2.3 blocks and assembly are the same as the single plug 2.3's and there assembly? Can you take a 2.3 twin plug block from a ranger and put a single plug head on it? need urgent help trying to get this notch drift car done before i graduate high school.mystery.gif
  11. 2.3 issues im stuck on

    2.3L Tech
    Hello this is my first forum. I've bee looking around on some topics that my 87 conv. has been having problems with. One problem is that the fan does not work( when i bought the car it was not installed and when i tried to install had a dead wire). Another problem I have is when i start the car...
  12. 1993 Mustang LX 2.3L 5spd Help with high idle

    2.3L Tech
    The idle on the car moves up and down and it is also high. about 1600 rps. If I turn the A/C on it goes down to about 1200 rpms. Also the check engine light is on. I tried to do the codes test and I got a 126 code which says online that it is a BP or MAP sensor is too high or too low. Any help...
  13. Crankshaft Position Sensor Causing no Start When Hot ?

    2.3L Tech
    93 mustang lx 2.3 auto, replaced ICM, had both coils tested, checked plugs, wires are new. Car has never wanted to start when hot, and it recently died one day on my way home. Can a bad crankshaft position sensor cause no start when it gets hot ? I've been chasing this problem for nearly a year...
  14. 1980 2.3 Turbo Mustang

    Hi everyone, I'm David from France. I found my Mustang in a junk yard in April 2008 and bought it immediatly. Since, I did a new paint job and tuned up the engine. Now the car looks really great and works good. My model was sold new in 1981 by a Swiss Dealer near Geneva. The second owner...
  15. Crank Position Sensor Bad ?

    2.3L Tech
    So my cars been acting up recently, it has never started when warm but the other day it stalled for the first time ever, and then started up right after while it was warm.. I cleaned the idle air controler and it seemed to idle smoother ( had really low idle before ) later that day i started up...
  16. ICM or Wiring ?

    2.3L Tech
    Ive got the 1993 mustang lx 2.3 with the 8 plugs and i've been having problems with my icm for a couple of months now. The car will start for me when its cool, but if its hot it will just crank and not produce spark. I've got the money for a new ICM but i don't want to drop that money to find...
  17. High vs low impedence injector size with holset

    Wheels and Tires
    Just wondering what size/good injectors to get for my 2.3 turbo has a holset hx35 i heard of injector dynamics 1000cc injectors goal is around 500hp
  18. 2.3 holset VAM

    2.3L Tech
    i swapped a holset on my 1990 mustang w/ built turbo motor, it has stock svo blue injectors and a 3" vam and elevated fuel pressure 255lph pump. big cam . OBVIOUSLY the injectors are too small. but feels slow as hell, like slower then stock. tune needed? or is vam just not gonna work?
  19. 1993 2.3 wont start now that its hot.

    2.3L Tech
    So i just got my car back today from the shop where i got a whole new head assembly installed. I went and picked it up, it fired right up, i drove it aroud the block and let it run for a bit then shut it off. It started right up after about 10 minutes and i drove it home (50km). Once i stopped...
  20. 93 2.3 mustang needs help!!!

    (new to the site and the world of mustangs) i recently just bought a 93 mustang 2.3 LX notchback bone stock and would like to turbo it what kind of pistons (size and such) and what are some things to watch out for? what about the ford ranger block ? can someone tell me something bout that? i...