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  1. SAD story, 2016 ecoboost

    2015+ 2.3L Ecoboost Talk
    Hi Guys, just joined the forum. I came across the forum in search of some escape from my tragic story that I am about to share with you all today. If you would bare with me. I just bought a used 2016 ecboost on Thursday April 25th some 2 hours away from where I live in Southern California. I...
  2. Auto 2.3l Start and Transmission Issues

    2.3L Tech
    So my 2.3l LX 89 Automatic the other night whilst driving died. Was shifting from 2nd to 3rd and I suddenly lost all throttle response in gear, engine still running but just rolling. I pulled into a gas station and turned it off, opened the hood and really didn't find anything out of usual at...
  3. Fuel Pulsation Dampener Replacement Problem

    2.3L Tech
    Ok this is going to be a little winded but I want to try and give all the info I have. First, my "baby" is a 1989 LX 2.3L coupe that I have done a lot of restoration to already, both cosmetically and mechanically. I have run into a huge challenge and I am hoping that there is someone on here...
  4. 3.7L V6 or 2.3L I4?

    Mustang S550 General Discussion
    My 2012 3.7L V6 has impressive power. I have never used anything but premium fuel. I drove a 2015 2.3L at the same dealership where I bought my 2012 3.7L. I was very unimpressed with the performance of the 2.3L. It weighs more than mine, the dealer was probably not running premium gas as...
  5. Blow off Valve positioning?

    2.3L Tech
    Hey guys, I bought a new blow off valve to replace my old leaky one. Its currently located about 5-8in before the compressor and turbo, after the intercooler. Is there a better place to locate it? Its has been working fine where its at, I just want to know if its beneficial to move locations...
  6. 1989 2.3L Loss of reverse after valvebody overhaul

    2.3L Tech
    Hello, I have a 1989 mustang (A4LD transmission) that i just overhauled the valvebody on, When I put it back together and filled it with the right ammount of fluid, etc, nothing i can do will make it shift into reverse. The engine will rev up a little bit like its about to drop into reverse but...
  7. New member from Canada eh

    hey guys first post here on the forums super pumped to be on here and share my build of my little blue notch! I will try to be as active as I can with my build but slow and steady starting off with the basic maintenance :p thanks for having me allfordmustangs!
  8. 89 Mustang 2.3L convertible LE

    2.3L Talk
    Hi guys; I have an 89 Mustang LX 2.3L convertible that has stripes, a pony and LE on the lower panel. My question is this. I have never seen another Mustang like this. IS this a Limited Edition or what. Any thoughts out there?
  9. 1992 Foxbody 2.3L new springs and shocks?

    2.3L Tech
    Hey, I'm going to be replacing my springs and shocks all around on my 1992 2.3L and possibly some control arms. My ride right now is TERRIBLE, I feel every single teeny little bump. I am 99% sure that the suspension hasn't been touched since it rolled out of the factory so I am hoping new parts...
  10. Does anyone know where I can find a clutch fork for a 1993 Mustang 2.3L?

    2.3L Tech
    I need one, new or used. Does anyone know where I can find one or does anyone have one for sale? I've been to every junk yard around here and nothing. Does the 5.0 work on my car? Thank you for the help.
  11. 1993 Mustang Idle Speed. Help.

    2.3L Talk
    Aloha, Had a question about my 2.3 idle speed. Where should it be? At start up it runs about 2100 after a few minutes of warm up it drops to about 1000 rpm. Thanks for your help. And I noticed the throttle body has a sticker that says don't adjust idle screw CCW. Refer to manual. anybody know...
  12. 2.3l turbo motor build

    I just got an 88 mustang with a 2.3l turbo it is not a SVO. I want to get about 300 to 350hp out of it. Planning on putting on a lil bigger turbo, front mount i/c, injectors, and getting a tune. What else could get me closer to the hp I am looking for? Also read that may need to bore the head is...
  13. safe to put dried out top down? 89 lx

    2.3L Talk
    hello, my uncle gave me his 89 mustang 2.3l lx last year and its been sitting in my garage lately. i have restored a few things on it since like the seats, seat belts and carpet. i have a new pump for the convertable top but im worried that if i try to put it down it wont go to well. although...
  14. 8.8 Rear End Swap into a 1988 2.3L Mustang

    2.3L Tech
    Hey everyone, I'm planning on taking on a huge project of swapping my '88 2.3L mustang to a 5.0 and I need some advice on a rear end swap. I've got a friend who will sell me a rear end out of his parts car that is a '90 GT and I want to know what all I will need before I start the swap. I'm...
  15. 1988 2.3L Turn Signals Not Working

    2.3L Tech
    Here's another problem you all have seen many times on these forums - turn signals not working. I just bought this 88 2.3L hatch about 2 months ago and the turn signals were not working whatsoever. I DO have headlights, tail lights, and brake lights. Outside cornering lights choose when they...
  16. 1993 Mustang 2.3l wont go into overdrive

    2.3L Tech
    Hi everyone, Im new to the site but I just bought this 93 2.3l automatic and the transmission works great in all gears except it will not go into overdrive so at highway speeds the RPMs are around 3500 instead being around 2500. What could be the cause of this and what should I be looking at to...
  17. 1993 Mustang 2.3L 5SPD lx running rough.

    2.3L Tech
    Hi, I currently own a 1993 hatch 2.3 lx (first car). I've put about 25000 km on it since I bought it at the end of August. Recently it has been giving me problems and I can't seem to find what it is. The car seems to intermittently run on 3 cylinders. It has progressively gotten worse over the...
  18. 1991 2.3 5-speed posi rear help!

    2.3L Tech
    hi everyone I had another question will a 8.8 posi rear end from a 5.0 bolt on and drive good on a 1991 2.3l 5-speed. I heard that the 2.3 or its tranny wouldnt be enough power for the 8.8 rear? idk Any help would be great? thankx!
  19. 1991 mustang 2.3l rear axle swap help! please

    2.3L Tech
    HI everyone, im new to this forum :) and I need some help. ok heres my story, it was raining in my town a few days ago and I was making a left hand turn when i spun out did a 180 and smacked right into a curb. Now my rear left tire is wobbling...its not the rim because the axle is still...
  20. 1991 mustang 2.3l rear axle swap help!

    2.3L Tech
    HI everyone, im new to this forum :) and I need some help. ok heres my story, it was raining in my town a few days ago and I was making a left hand turn when i spun out did a 180 and smacked right into a curb. Now my rear left tire is wobbling...its not the rim because the axle is still wobbling...