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302 crate engine

  1. Overheating 302 in a 65 Mustang

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    I've had my mustang for about 5 years now and I have been through at least 5 radiators in that time, but I recently did a engine swap from a 289 to a 302. While the new motor was put in I also upgraded to a Aluminum radiator with a Electric fan. (I believe the Radiator is two row.) The new...
  2. 1966 mustang t5, what motor should I get?

    Classic Tech
    So I have the 66 with t5 and l6. Just did 8" rear, disc brake, 5 lug, new v8 suspension and everything so I am now able to do the v8! New thing is what motor should I go with to pair to the t5? I am not building the engine to be fast. I would like about 250hp (give or take a few) and for it...
  3. 302 Crate engines from Ebay?

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    I see a number of 302 crate engines on Ebay and wanted to know if anyone has any exerience with them. In particular this one: FORD 302-332 HP TURN KEY CRATE ENGINE BEST STREET 10FV | eBay I am looking for a solid engine for my 1965 coupe. (Blog is here: 1965 Mustang) Thanks for the help...
  4. 302 for a 1966 mustang

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    I am looking at a refurbed 302 with 351 heads. Its was built within the last year by a small shop mechanic, for his own car, and then he sold the car with a different engine. The guy had 2 motors, I think one was new and one was refurbished. I have to check on the details of this one, but...