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302 engine

  1. 5.0L Tech
    I just bought a 71 mustang with a 302 that I plan to rebuild I have been reading into stroking and boreing the engine and to get the most power out of the engine that I can with out making it weak, I plan to maybe eventually supercharge and a blower. Any comments or ideas to make this car scream...
  2. Classic Tech
    Greetings, Problem: I have a 1965 Mustang that The engine won't stay running. She turns and starts with no problem but as soon as I release the key it shuts off. If I hold the key all the way to the right, the motor will run. Details: The vehicle was running great and I made no changes...
  3. Classic Tech
    Hi, My Name is Spencer. I have a 1968 Mustang Convertable with a 302 in it, manual transmission. It starts right up when it is cold and runs nicely, but when I turn it off I can't get it to start back up. It acts like the battery is run down, but when I pulled the batery cables off and checked...
  4. Classic Tech
    Newbe here - Hello and thanks for all the information! My daughter has purchased a 1968 302 J code coupe. The motor has a date code of D4DE (1974?) My issue (as her mechanic) the starter was just spining when the key was turned. I purchased a starter for a 1974 302. Install went ok, when I...
  5. Classic Talk
    Hey everyone i am currently on deployment and have been searching for a remanufactured 302 long block for my 71 stang that i can drop in when i get home. does anyone have any suggestions on a good site to find a quality one at a decent price?? Thanks!
  6. Classic Tech
    I have a 1970 mustang with a 302 in it and just took apart the motor. cleaned it, painted it. I just put it back together and it starts, it sounds fine, but it only stays on at high RPMs. can't figure out why. if i give it a lot of gas it roars but it shuts off at idle. any ideas? thanks
  7. 5.0L Tech
    I want to swap my AOD TRANNY thats in my 1991 mustang gt that has a 302 for A c4 and the transmission is tci street fighter c-4 transmission i was needed to know will it bolt straight up or do i need to do some modifications for it to work?:?:
  8. 5.0L Tech
    I just started buyings parts and upgrades for my 1991 mustang and i was wondering what all do i need to going with 24pound injecters? i just bought the 75mm mass air but what else do i need? Do i need to change the throtle body and what kind do i look for? would a 75mm throtle body be...
  9. Classic Tech
    I want to get a new transmission for my 1965 mustang with a 1968 302. Whats the newest year of the C4 that will fit in my car?
  10. Mustang II Tech
    ive been looking around to try and figure out what size exhaust tubing i need to make a dual exhaust system. ive got headers that have a 3 inch diameter but that seems very large for a 302 engine (performance is average for the 302). i was thinking about 2 1/2 inch diameter but what size...
  11. 5.0L Talk
    84 GT 306 needs advice on horsepower rating! i have a newly rebuilt (E7te)HO need a guessamation on horsepower .30 over forged speedpro pistons(10.1 with 58cc) lighten and balanced stock rods and crank ported E7 heads(exaust side mainly) with stock valves autolite xp plugs:bigthumbsup...
  12. 5.0L Talk
    ok i wanna make my 302 fuel injected,carburated what do i need or can i do to make it happen if anyone can help with this i would be happy
  13. Classic Tech
    Okay so I started souping up my 289 recently Mods are as follows: the motor has a stock rotating assembly, stock cam, 1995 5.0 heads that have been ported and shaved, MSD Pro Billet "ready to run" ignition system, Edelbrock torker 289 aluminum 4 barrel intake with a Edelbrock 650 cfm double...