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  1. '66 Mustang 331/AOD Headers

    Classic Tech
    I have a '66 coupe that I am planning on swapping a BluePrint 331 stroker and AOD trans into. I am currently researching headers and would like your input on what fits best with this combination. Thanks
  2. best cam and heads for a 331 forced induction

    5.0L Talk
    I have a DSS 331 long block. Im running a powerdyne supercharger 10 psi with a "f" cam , typhoon intake and edelbrock e street heads with better valve springs.1.6 rockers. I had to tare down the engine and im not going back together with the heads and cam. From what i hear the Ford letter cams...
  3. New 331 Break in

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys I have read on other threads about breaking in new motors. I am a little nervous to start it for the first time. The guy that built the lower end of the motor said she will start no problem. The motor is completely new, only parts reused was the block, fly wheel and a couple of sensors...
  4. 331 Stroker rocker arm/ pushrods adjustment

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 331 with aftermarket heads. I used the push rod lenth comp cams recommended and the rocker bottoms out on stud. Just wondering if what I am doing is wrong? I used a 1/2 inch longer pushrods than recommended and it seemed to fix the problem I quess. I've never had stud mount rockers...
  5. 1994 GT 331 stroker stock gears

    I just recently got a 331 stroker motor EFI built up for my 1994 mustang gt. Its got only 350 kilometers on it so far, but has far less power than i expected. I think it may be the gears in the rear end. They are either 2.73s or 3.08s. Unfortunately, the door doesn't have the sticker on it that...
  6. How much should I pay for a 1992 mustang 331 stroker?

    5.0L Talk
    Hey what's going on, so I just sold my 98 cobra and I'm in the market for a new stang. I really would like a stroker built, and actually have an eye on a really nice one. I just want some more opinion on the price and what I should offer him. Here's the link to the add: 1992 mustang 331...
  7. 331 stroker questions

    5.0L Tech
    first time doing a 331 stroker, I have gt40p heads wondering how well it would run with getting those ported along with the cobra intake. also whats the best injectors to run with that setup 24lbs? thanks.
  8. Need help deciding on top end parts. help!

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1989 gt, 5 speed. Im ordering a pre-assembled 331 block so thats not a big deal. My problem is i really dont know all the tech. details on the top end parts and what will work and what wont work. Iv been trying to research but cant find any solid answers. I need to come up with heads...
  9. D.s.s. 331 stroker motor

    Drag Racing
    Looking for someone that is familiar with a DSS 331 Stroker motor w/ Canfield heads & a Vortech S-Trim to chat with....
  10. build a 350rwhp 302 for the street possible

    5.0L Tech
    ok ready to ditch my gt40 set up ,even tho its done well for me so is it possible to make a 350rwhp on a stock 302 short-block naturally-aspired fuel injected what h/c/i would do it for me and yes i already have the little stuff (full exhaust,75mm throttle body,shorty headers,eletric fan,1.6...
  11. 302 to 347 stroker

    5.0L Talk
    i have a 302 stock engine that i bought today. i need help in deciding weather to go with a 331 or a 347 drag motor. i really want to get in the mid 10.s or low 11.s... so far i have afr 205 heads, bbk long tube headers, msd igniton, dont really know what cam i should put in it( anyone know a...
  12. Single or Twin turbos debate

    5.0L Talk
    I don't know if I'm bringing back an old thread or anything, but I was wondering your guys thoughts on a turbo set up for a 331 EFI Twins or One REALLY big single turbo? I'm wanting to get 800 rwhp on pump gas if it makes a differance, wich it probable does
  13. Turbo 331 vs Turbo 347

    5.0L Tech
    I was planning on getting a 347 and turboing it down the road, but now i hear that for turbo applications 331 is better for some reason or another. Either one i decide to get it will be from CHP and it will be in a new boss 302 block. Which one is better? and one more question is a 75 mm...
  14. what are all the stock engine specification for a 1989 5.0 lx mustang? bore stroke

    5.0L Talk
    i'm hoping to get all the stock engine specs for an 89 lx 5.0? like how many cc's are n the head? whats the stock bore,stroke,compression ratio,cylinder volume,displacement ci? i'm pulling out the engine over the weekned and i just want a heads up before i get in there so i can do some...
  15. 331 stroker vs 347 stroker

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys! I need some ideas about what to build im on a budget and i got a hook up with a new 347 kit using the i beam rods. brand new for 500 off a buddy of mine. the real question is should i go with a 331 i have heard due to long stroke w/a 347 they had to shorten the pistons to accomodate...
  16. Shopping for a 331 rotating assembly.

    5.0L Tech
    So I decided to get a a stroker kit to put in, and right away I decided to get all forged and balanced parts. But now that I think about it, I'm wondering if forged pistons and rods with a cast crank will be ok. What do you guys think? the top of the block will have AFR 185 heads, an...
  17. 331 BLOCK AFR Heads with valve train noise

    5.0L Tech
    tappet type noise upper end seems like lack of oil to top end valve train noise oil press seems ok no guage yett was told its normal im sure its all roller hydro lifters just got the car not long ago im not redy to tear it down yett was told 15k on engine
  18. video of my stang down a curvy road comments plz

    5.0L Talk
    331 stroker hasnt been tuned yet winding road Video by michael - MySpace Video
  19. 331 stroker lean on one bank

    5.0L Tech
    built a 331 stroker, has compucam 2040, bbk intake, 24# injectors,19lph pump, 70 mm throttle body heads with1.94" intake, 1.54"exhaust stainless swirl polished valves 180cc intake runners 58cc chambers, 1.6 rocker arms pedestal mount. fenderwell intake offroad h, flowmaster exhaust. have removed...
  20. 1989 Mustang 331 stroker, forum noob Build in progress

    Welcome to the site! :wavey