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347 stroker

  1. 1986 mustang 5.0 need new computer and mass air sensor

    5.0L Tech
    hello, i have a 1986 mustang 5.0 5 speed, its a 347 stroker with gt40p heads, holley systemax intake, a radical cam, roller rockers and more. It has the wrong computer and no mass air sensor and im looking for the right ones to get. i was told to get an origional computer and send it in to get...
  2. 289 to 347 Help please

    Mustang Tech
    Hi im about to have to rebuild my 289 and was looking at options. Its a 67 289 and from what I've read the 302 and 289 blocks are the exact same except for casting numbers. Im planning on turning it into a 347 stroker with the eagle pro street kit from summit. I was also planning on using stock...
  3. What are theses Heads

    5.0L Tech
    I'm Re-Doing a motor for a friend of mine and he says it has "GT40" heads on it. So I go digging and find the GT stamps and the Three bars on the outside front edge. But when I look for the Casting number I find "3d27" on one and the other "3d7"... I read thru the sticky on the gt40's etc...
  4. oil pan for 347 stroker-

    Mustang II Tech
    i am putting a 347 stroker in my mustang II, and i'm having oil pan clearance issues at the steering rack. any suggestions? or know where i can locate a pan?? -Thanks!!!
  5. putting a 347 stroker into 77 mustang II, oil pan issues

    Mustang II Tech
    I'm putting a 347 stroker into my mustang II, and as with any custom jobs, am having trouble finding an oil pan to fit over the rack. Does anyone have any suggestions on what oil pan i can use and where i can find one. Summit racing has come up dry on this. i find it very hard to believe that...
  6. oil pressure 347 foxbody

    5.0L Tech
    93 fox with a 347 stroker. Today its about 93 degrees out and my mustang started running about 10-15 degrees hotter. It runs almost near 220 degrees but i try to keep it around 210. Oil pressure is getting close to 22 psi with all this heat. Usually maintains at about 30 at idle. Im running 5w30...
  7. sun pro vs auto meter gauge

    5.0L Tech
    On my 347 stroker my auto meter gauge water temp gauge is in the rear of the manifold while the sun pro is in the front, the sun pro heats up way faster and maintains about 30 degrees hotter in the front of the engine while the auto meter takes longer as if it were normal water temp just heating...
  8. 1995 Mustang Gt 347 stroker build questions full parts list included

    5.0L Tech
    OK so here is my deal i am rebuilding my 302 and stroking her to a 347 stroker parts list: bottom end: Engine Displacement (cu. in.) 347cuEngine Family Small Block 302 Based V8Balanced 28 oz. Balenced W/ balenced flywheelPiston Manufacturer Probe IndustriesPiston Material 2618-t61 Forged...
  9. 347 stroker needing tuning

    5.0L Tech
    I'm in the process of building a 400-430hp 347 stroker for my 93 foxbody, i need to know what the best options are for tuning it? I don't have the desirable ECU in the mustang right now. I will be throwing on Edelbrock E-205 heads with the Performer RPM II intake as well as a COMP-XE282HR...
  10. 1993 Mustang GT 347 Stroker Carbed timing issue?

    5.0L Tech
    I'm currently trying to finish my 93 GT stroker swap. I was able to make the car run beautifully when at idle or just reving the motor. However, when I try to drive the car, the motor runs rough and likes to die. Its an all new crate carbed 347 with MSD electronic distributor, control module and...
  11. Stroker Questions

    5.0L Tech
    Hello I own a 1989 LX Hatchback. I plan to make it a 347, but I want to use the stock block. I'm pretty sure that the block has a 1-piece rear main seal and that the engine has a 50oz imbalance, but the forged SCAT crank that I found is for a 2-piece rear main seal with a 28oz imbalance like...
  12. rear main seal....

    5.0L Tech
    need a new rear main seal in a 302 i hear that it can be done without pulling the entire engine. also have been told the best way is to pull it and remove oil pan and rear main cap. is this a two piece seal or one... how many hour should this take a qualified shop to replace ? thanks for reading
  13. Rough idle at 2-3000 rpm

    5.0L Tech
    I recently replaced my 5.0L with a 347 stroker in my 1991 GT. The engine description from the builder is: Stock block, 0.030 over, SRP Pistons, Scat Rods and Crank about 9.5:1 compression, balanced,SFI Damper Patriot Aluminum 185cc heads with a little port work, Roller rockers, 280 HR comp...
  14. 347 stroker race motor build

    5.0L Tech
    Im getting ready to build a 347 stroker with forged pistons rods and a steel crank rated at 600hp off of coast high performance, still thinking about what kind of heads intake and cam id like to get for this motor, any ideas? planning to keep the compression ratio at 9.5:1 and later on maybe...
  15. MAF and Throttle Body help please!!

    5.0L Tech
    I just had the engine for my mustang built, i went with a 347 stroker. Eagle crank and rods, keith black pistons, xe274 hr cam, pro comp aluminum heads with 1.6 roller rockers. Going to upgrade fuel rails, with pressure regulator and go with 24lb injectors and a 255lph fuel pump. I was wondering...
  16. putting together a 347 stroker

    5.0L Tech
    i have a 93 mustang gt and my plan now is to find a stroker kit for it, wanted to see what people recommend. I wil only have around 2k to spend on everything, heres my shopping cart so far of what i THINK is good GT40 heads and intake-$350 Stroker kit-$1200 E303 cam pro kit-$350 engine rebuild...
  17. 1988 5.0 foxbody 347 stroker kit any good?

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 88 foxbody thats fi and was wondering if the 347 stroker was a good way to go? I was gonna go with the 347 stroker, aluminum heads, cam bearings, valve job, comp cam kit, oil pump,roller rockers and push rods. I guess my biggest question is what would be the hp to the wheels? The engine...
  18. 2004 gt mustang swap to a 347 boss or 347 stroker engin

    4.6L Talk
    is this the same engine? a boss 347 and a 347 stroker I'm not sure but, I'm swaping it out of my 2004 gt mustang and it's a little tricky about wheather or not I have to get a supercharger bracket for either one of these:))).
  19. Do i need a 4 link or will i be able to get a good hook-up on the track

    Drag Racing
    Do I need a 4 Link with a 347 Stroker or not, some guys at the track said I do and others said I dont. I need an answer so I can be competitive. thanks
  20. 1990 Mustang LX, Best Turbo for a 347 Stroker?

    5.0L Talk
    I have a 1990 Lx Mustang and i have found the motor size i want to use, 347 stroker, but i want to add a power adder to it which would be a turbo. but wondering which one would be the best for it. Anyone have any clue?