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35th anniversary

  1. V6 Tech
    i got a 99 mustang 3.8l 5 spd. me and my buddy just changed the clutch in it and now the pedal has no pressure. ive tried pulling it up and all that. jw what i should do
  2. 4.6L Talk
    This is basically one of my firsts post, so here goes. A guy is selling a 1999 Mustang GT 35 Limited Edition 1 of 4000-something. Here's the catch: He wants $8000. That's pretty damn high considering a normal GT goes for $5000 in excellent condition. I'm 18, and right now I have a 2001 Ford...
  3. 5.0L Tech
    Dear, Fellow mustang lovers At first I was very hesitant on posting this on the 5.0 forums or 3.6 . But i figure you all may know a bit more about the topic at hand. I have a 35th Anniversary 3.6l Mustang. Its getting pretty old and miles are getting close to 200K. I love my car...
  4. Introductions
    Anyone else on this site own a 1999-2002 ROUSH mustang?
  5. V6 Talk
    I have Bought another Stang... Its got 35th Anniversary Emblems on it. How to i know if its a true 35th Not just a plain base coupe? Is There a Site i can go too or Something? Thanks!