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  1. 4.6L Tech
    Hey guys. I have 1999 mustang GT that started its life as an automatic and was recently converted to a manual. The transmission used was a TR-3650 out of a 2003 Mach 1. Everything went pretty smooth however i cannot get my speedo to work at all. Its still the factory Auto ECU custom tuned for...
  2. 4.6L Tech
    Hi All, I recently picked up my 03 GT with 68,000 miles on her for $7,000 cash and soon realized I had a transmision problem. She had the dreaded 1-2 synchro problem and it has been progressing to 3rd as I have stockpiled the parts. On saturday I plan on doing everything, from the rear main...
  3. 4.6L Tech
    so once my transmission gets hot....30-40 mins of driving in stop and go traffic in the summer heat it grinds when i shift into 4th fast... but if i pause after i pull it outta 3rd for about a second then slide it in it goes it without grinding but if i shift it normal speed it will go in but...
  4. 4.6L Tech
    hi. seems like lately i have been having some trouble putting my gear into place.. as if it gets stuck then i have to do it again for it to go in properly.. im new.. today is my first day on the forums.. what seems to be the problem? Thanks
  5. 4.6L Tech
    Has anyone done a swap with a 96-98 T45 to a 05+ 3650? Or will the 05+ 3650 even fit? If so what kind of mods? Thanks...:headscratch:
1-5 of 6 Results