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  1. 2000 Convertible Top Alignment

    V6 Tech
    Disclaimer: New here and not previously a "car person" but fairly mechanically inclined. We've just purchased a 2000 3.8L convertible. After figuring out a few electrical problems, we know that the pump works and will rise and lower about 90% of the way. However, when lowering the frame is...
  2. New Engine Rattle - 2002 3.8L V6

    V6 Tech
    Hey gang - I've been floating around the forums but finally found a reason to actually post. My 2002 Mustang (~200k miles) recently started making a new sound and I was wondering if anyone had an idea what it could be. Video link here: I can only describe the sound as an intermittent, low-ish...
  3. Electrical Problems 96' v6

    V6 Tech
    I recently swapped out my muffler for a performance muffler and had the back wheels jacked up. Ever since then my electrical does not work. I can hear ticking from the fuel pump and can hear the power come on when i open the door. The dome light works sometimes but as soon as I turn the key...
  4. setting up for drag

    Drag Racing
    Hey guys. I picked up a 1995 3.8L vs about a week ago. Took it to the strip this weekend to see what it could do. I used to have a 91 fox body 5.0. And was very iffy about a v6 but I'll try anything once. Anyways its all stock except the headers. I ran from mid 17s and my final time was 17...
  5. 2001 V6 intake hose issues

    V6 Tech
    I had an idling issue with my 2001 v6 mustang, so i looked around the web on how to fix it. I ended up cleaning out my IAC and my throttle body. Now it run way smoother thumbsup3.gif but while cleaning them out i saw that the hose near it was brittle and in bad condition. I know this may cause...
  6. 3.8 V6 - Intake Manifold Tourqe Specs...Additional info needed.

    V6 Tech
    I'm replacing the intake manifold gaskets on a 3.8 V6 Ford t-bird. I have 2 questions. I know the manifold to head tourqe specs because they are posted here...But what about the intake to manifold? Same tourqe values? Also...I replaced w/ Felpro gaskets...Not tourqued down yet...Just had...
  7. 1995 Mustang (1999 V-6 engine)--No spark after head gasket change

    V6 Tech
    Hello. I just changed the head gaskets on the '99 3.8L engine in my '95 Mustang. Now it will crank but not start. I drove the car to its present location last week before I tore the engine down. The details: 1. There is no spark between the ignition coil and the coil end of the spark plug...
  8. 2000 Mustang 3.8L Transmission Rebuild

    V6 Tech
    Beside tools, is a transmission rebuild kit and a large amount of shop space all i need? How much time should i set aside for this project? I am inexperienced with tearing down transmissions but i have a basic understanding of them. Also, does anyone have any experience with this transmission...
  9. Hello all! 1997 Mustang V6

    Hello, all! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Joel Langley. I just bought a 1997 Mustang V6 a couple of months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. So far, I have painted the taillight bezels black, painted the interior trim silver, and painted the wheels black after failing to...
  10. 2004 Mustang 3.8L V6 Rebuild and Upgrades

    V6 Tech
    I have a 2004 Mustang. It has the stock 3.8L V6. I'm almost up to 168,000 miles and I'm wanting to get the engine like new again and possibly give it some more power. The price range I'm looking for is around $3,000. I've taken a look as Super Six Motorsports a bit, but I haven't learned much...
  11. O/D Light Flashing with DTC Trouble Codes

    V6 Tech
    This is a repost to one of my other threads a while back but last time I didn't have the DTCs. I wanna say that I still don't have any problems with the car other than the idle varies from about 600rpm to 900rpm when the light flashes(it had done it since this started). I just took off my tune...
  12. O/D Light Flashing with DTC Trouble Codes

    V6 Tech
    This is a repost but last time I didnt have the trouble codes posted. First off I wanna say I still don't have any problem with the car other then when the O/D light starts flashing the idle starts varying from about 600rpm to about 900rpm but other than that it runs fine. I just took the tune...
  13. O/R H Pipe Vs. O/R X Pipe with Flowmaster catback 02 V6

    V6 Tech
    I am debating on x pipe or h pipe I heard x pipes are louder but raspier and H pipes were more quiet but lower in tone. With Flowmaster Original 40's or Super 40's which ever I decide to go with on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the highest pitched, 10 being the lowest pitched. X pipes pitch on...
  14. Automatic conversion for Manual Conversion

    V6 Tech
    I was looking for someone who would like to trade everything needed for a manual conversion for my automatic conversion items. I'm willing to do all the work myself, free of charge. I am very experienced, and know what I'm doing. If you don't like your manual mustang, here's your chance! I need...
  15. Mustang V6 Dual Flowmaster 40's exhaust clip

    V6 Talk
    Never got around to post this clip on the forum but i finally got rid of the ricey glasspacks and got a good sounding exhaust. tell me what ya guys think rate 1 -10. Mustang V6 True Duals with Flowmaster Original 40 series mufflers out to 3in tips...
  16. 1997 3.8l head cracked?

    V6 Tech
    I have 97 5 speed mustang that i have just put a new jasper reman 3.8l about 6 months ago. I went to go start it last night and it started and sounded and felt like it was missing on several cylinders. I turned the car off after 10 seconds only to get out and hear oil gushing from the engine. 2...
  17. 99 V6 did i get the right muffler?

    V6 Tech
    I went out today and bought a flowmaster super 44 at oriley's and was going to take it to a shop to have it welded strait in with my stock piping and all, but i got to looking, seems i bought a center inlet, and an offset out. Did i need an offset in and offset out to make it just weld right in?
  18. Intro Of ThisEmoKid to AFM ,1994 Mustang

    Hey guys just an intro before i go work out on my Mustang. I have a 1994 Ford Mustang Convertible with some.. eh, Minor issues, for Starters i'm in the middle of putting a new engine in, its four years younger but the connection line up.. or seem to, i got the flywheel drive plate back on the...
  19. 2000 Mustang Automatic, adding a t25 turbo, anyone have experience?

    V6 Tech
    Hey I'm new to the forum and was looking for help with adding a turbo to my 2000 auto mustang, hoping to find someone who has done this before.
  20. 94 3.8L: Overheating with Cold Heat

    V6 Tech
    All started one day noticing the temp gauge rising. Pulled over immediately because it was out of the ordinary. Radiator cap not on all the way. Okay. Filled with water drove home. Everything was fine. Car began to overheat again. So ii replaced thermostat, then radiator cap, then water pump...