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  1. Classic Tech
    Hey, Chris here, I have a bone stock 289 mustang, it needs a lot of work and right now I'm hoping to get the engine redone first. Just looking for some tips on what I could do to have some fun with it, mabye a good quarter mile and 0-60. It is running a stock 4barrel carb if that helps, thanks...
  2. Classic Tech
    zing.gif1967 Ford 289. Does not want to start. It was starting before and now it doesnt. I had the heads resurfaced, new fuel pump, new distributor, new coil, 600 cfm 4 barrel electric choke, new spark plugs, new aluminum 4 core radiator, new starter, new starter relay, new batter. Not sure...
  3. Classic Tech
    I have a 1978 King Cobra that I'm looking to give some more power. I'm looking at a power plus intake and holley 600 cfm package deal on craigslist. Is it as simple as taking the old off and putting the new on?? Any information would be appreciated
  4. Classic Talk
    Hello i have a 1965 ford mustang and im not sure if i shoul keep the 2 barrel or switch to a four. Im being told 2 ifferent things, from 2 different parties. One keeps saying the 4 barrel will waste more gas? Is that true? All depends on how you drive it correct? and does the 4 barrel get better...
  5. Classic Tech
    i recently bought a 289 2 barrel engine and i was wondering just pure curiousity can i put a dual quad intake manifold on it or it that doing too much can someone please inform me about this? i actually plan too just convert it into a 4 barrel but i saw that intake manifold and thought i would...
  6. Classic Tech
    I have encountered a recent problem where, when stopped, my car has been stalling and after the stall it is hard to start again. It also seems to hesitate when taking off (almost as if its laboring in first then pausing for a second between first and second gear, but this is not a new issue). It...
  7. SVT Cobra Tech
    Not sure what 4 barrel to get for my lady. Currently has a 2 barrel ederlblock. Any suggestions as far as the upgrade?
  8. 5.0L Tech
    Hello I am new to the forum but would like some help. I have a 1985 ford Mustang GT 302 5 speed 4 bbl carb when I first start it up and drive around when I slowed down it idles down then stalls. The idle is set at around 800 Rpms any solutions? Any help would be appreciated thanks
  9. Classic Tech
    I recently had my 1964 mustang completely redone. I'm currently in college and as such need my mustang to actually be drivable.(I know reliability can be an issue) after getting my car back about a week and a half ago it drove fine for a few days before starting to have issues accelerating when...
  10. Classic Tech
    Hello, I am new to the forum and looking for some advice. I have a 69 Coupe that has the lower powered 302. I am planning on replacing the stock 2 barrel carburetor and manifold with an Edelbrock performer intake, a 2" 4 hole Carburetor Spacer and a 600cfm 4 barrel Electric choke Edelbrock...
1-10 of 10 Results