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  1. Road Racing
    Hi all, First comes the confession. I do not drive a Mustang. My track days car is a 68 Cougar. I hope that is close enough to avoid ridicule. :yup: What is the best performing road track suspension? Leaf? 3-Link? 4-Link? I can invest up to about $3K, so I think an IRS is out. I have been...
  2. Drag Racing
    Do I need a 4 Link with a 347 Stroker or not, some guys at the track said I do and others said I dont. I need an answer so I can be competitive. thanks
  3. Drag Racing
    I now have 527 RWHP in my 2005 4.6 blown Mustang. Right now, wheel spin is keeping the rear assembly from being really stressed. But if I get the traction OK with drag radials, etc, I might destroy the stock rear end, right? So how much power to the rear wheels before I must upgrade the...
  4. Classic Tech
    I just got a 65 mustang i6 and ill be changing it to a v8. I am going to buy a 4 link and i wanted to know what rear end I should go with and can go with because it sounded like you weld on your own brackets with a 4 link. If thats the case can I just get like a cougar rear end with posi and it...