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  1. V6 Tech I would LOVE to drop this into my 1994, and for only $8,000? that's a dream. The question that remains is, would that fit in my '94 without too much trouble?
  2. Classic Tech
    I am posting this as a review of the Summit Racing 600 cfm 4 barrel carburetor which can be viewed here; Summit Racing SUM-M08600VS - Summit Racing Street & Strip® Carburetors - Overview - I couldn't find a post reviewing this carb and wanted to share my experience. If this has...
  3. Classic Tech
    I'm looking for a new carburetor for my 1967 mustang with a tremec 5 speed tranny. It has a 289 with a 600 cfm 4bbl carb w/ vacuum secondaries. The current carburetor is too worn so i want a replacement. What is better? -manual or electric choke -600cfm or 650 cfm -vacuum or mechanical...
1-3 of 3 Results