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  1. Classic Tech
    Hi guys Long time stalker first time poster, im at a loss. I have a 65 mustang with a 351 ford performance crate engine with around 2k miles on it. Everything has been working fine up until recently when it was idling a little rough but i can feather the gas and keep it going, once it warmed...
  2. Classic Tech
    Can anybody assist me with how to remove the back seats in my 65 fastback? I am trying to replace the shock and the seats have to come out first. thanks
  3. Classic Tech
    I am wondering if anybody has a diagram of the interier lights for a 65 fastback. All of the lights are there, and they have new bulbs, however, when the door is opened, the lights do not come on. Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks
  4. Classic Tech
    great looking site and I am happy that I have located it. i have a 65 2 + 2 completely original and updated and am having an issue with the a c unit. Today, the unit seemed to release a lot of condensation into the passengers side of the car (left foot) Does anybody know of a way to correct...
  5. 5.0L Tech
    My friend has a 65 Mustang Fastback and he cant seem to decide what engine he wants to drop in. Originally it came with a 289 but he does not know if he wants to drop a 289 back in it. He is looking for something reliable. If you guys could help him decide, that would be great! Thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results