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67 coupe

  1. New member and relatively new 67 Coupe Mustang owner

    Hi All! Glad to have joined this forum and also glad to be a proud owner of a 67 coupe which is still in pieces, back from the panel shop after getting it resprayed the original dark moss green colour, and now the joys of putting it together.. It sucks how much more expensive parts are here in...
  2. what to do with my 67 coupe?

    Classic Talk
    Hi im 16 and i have a 67 coupe that i wanted to turn into a weekend drag car. Just something i can have fun with I also want to do a lot of the work on the car my self as a learning experience. Right now the car has a 302 in it that does run but the car has no brakes at all. I also have a 289...
  3. 67 suspension rebuild question

    Classic Tech
    I'm lost when it comes to all aspects of the suspension on my 67 coupe with a 289. I know the suspension feels soft and tends to float all over the road which I dont like. Is there a way to tell if changing the bushings to urethane will solve the problem vs. tearing out the whole front end and...
  4. 1967 Mustang 408 Stroker

    Classic Tech
    Hi, has anyone here ever took a 94-97 351 windsor and bored and stroked it to a 408. I recently spoke to a guy who said that would be the way to go over the 347 stroker. Does anyone know roughly how much it will cost to build or where I can find a cheap donor block? Also any tips in general...
  5. Advice on paint job for my 1967 Mustang coupe

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    I need some advice as to what paint job to do on my 67 coupe. I know I am having it painted dark blue and am going to do a custom paint job on it, but that is were I need help, I have two ideas. The first is to have the mustang emblem painted on the side in blues that are a couple of shades...
  6. 1967 Mustang Horn Rehab?

    Classic Tech
    I have a 67 and I am playing around a bit before I start the restore this winter. I got the horn working again, but only the right on is working. I hooked the left one up to juice and still got no sound. My question is can you resto them, and is it even worth it?:headscratch: Anyone who has been...
  7. 1967 tri y header clearance problem

    Classic Tech
    Hello, I just installed a new set of Tri Y headers in my 67 coupe. I am having a clearance issue with the steering arm on the drivers side hitting the header. I have power steering and have the lowering bracket, but the steering arm under the steering box hits the headers too much to dimple it...
  8. Introduction and swap question,1967 Mustang

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    Hey, I'm new to the forum and have a question regarding a 67 coupe. My car (bought new in 67 by my grandfather) came with a straight 6. I have a 93 Bronco, 351W EFI w/ AOD Trans that I might like to swap into the mustang. Has anyone done such a conversion and is this a feasible swap given the...